Friday, September 23, 2016

How To Make Money From Facebook

How To Make Money From Facebook,Very Common Questions

Is it possible to make money with Facebook?

Yes, definitely. Facebook allows users to make money from their pages and in fact many people are taking advantage of this opportunity.

If you ever wanted to earn income online but did not know where to start, why not do it on the social networking site more popular of these times?

Tens of thousands of people use Facebook everyday to chat with friends and make money in the process.

The main benefit of becoming a member of Facebook is that you can build and use the applications you want to perform certain tasks on your profile page.
Well, thanks to some very useful and easy to use applications, today anyone who has a Facebook page, you can make money in a variety of ways. With a simple installation, you can be on track to make money with Facebook. Obviously, like any other method of making money online, you have to work and be persistent whether it intends to generate a decent amount with Facebook is the same.
Although these applications provide quite the implementation of the desired objective, strategy and a well thought out , with persistence and work plan are the decisive factors to succeed or fail in it to make money with Facebook .

There are many applications that can be used to make money with Facebook, but here we mention the 5 most used:

MusicBlaster. You can put a simple music store on your Facebook page, and sell music Earn 5% for each song sold.

Lemonade. This application allows you to install a set of digital sale on Facebook. Basically, the products you want to sell through widgets are added. It's free and easy.

Shopit. Shopit is a free social commerce network that gives users the ability to buy, sell or exchange any product or service. Simply add a free store on your Facebook page and you can sell what you want. Another very simple way to make money on Facebook.

e3buy. It is a site online auction of the same style Ebey or Mercadolibre. It is very entertaining to make money with Facebook using e3buy. To start generating revenue on Facebook with this application should only install it on your profile.

Lending Club. This is lending money to people who need it and you win with the interest is paid to lend. But do not worry, the club loan has every detail covered. Therefore, it is completely safe, legal issues and trust are fully covered by loan club. You pay more interest on your money than banks. This is definitely a great way to make money with Facebook .

These are the best options to make money from facebook.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

What Is Professional Programmer ?

What Is Professional Programmer ?

How do people get professional programmer?

 Many computer science or software engineering education and professional programs to work from there by “traditional” way to go.

Others become professional programmers by accident. Work to help someone write a small program, colleagues say, “Oh great, you can write your programs, you still have our programmers!”

Others begin as hobbyists and follow a less traditional path, not always getting a degree, but clearly from the beginning programmer and the willingness to work actively with the aim.

I 6. wrote nothing but amazing at the time I began writing and soon found it was absorbing most of my time since I’ve been a hobbyist programmer. Since I did not really stop, and it is my 24 years experience in programming “and is counting.

Was writing the first computer games. Me to write programs for them later said to the people, and sometimes even compensation. It is always about something that I learned the program. The program itself does not have its own world. Japanese people have a program or physics or engineering (or whatever is in my mind) works with computers to do with the work expected of him. I write programs for them to learn about each of these areas had to.

I was a teacher at the university, because it was not, and I enjoy teaching, where found, and especially enjoy educational programming.

I was in college, my first job, while the “real” and the company’s financial data is found to write the code for Visual C + +. The theory was based on a lightweight design and supply. But I was thrown into the deep end on this great project in terms of working with others! He gigabytes of source code, and a dozen quite different skill levels through the efforts of developers cancerously rising.

My expertise: more than average because of the programs out there though, I have a junior programmer, and a small fish in a big pond learned to solve for.

A small group, a big fish in a small pond to investigate more jobs and skipping a lot of years well, and today I’m a big manufacturer. Most of them taste it if you do not use large code and the rules of the different levels of skill to get the programs to your colleagues in the industry were not professional programs was to teach them a lot about the “state” professionalism to keep everyone in the same direction.

Coffee is a difference between “the ability to program,” and exist as “a professional programmer.” The master programmer took 16 years to go from the beginning, and then another 12 years to go from hotshot professional and I am still learning.

Whichever route you follow, most professional programmers before the law and how it is to be a professional at a later date that that is indeed common.

“Art” means
What is it means to be a professional programmer? What it means to be a professional anything? Only praise but also some true professionals are often defined as a set of features that “a skill, to make money” can have a professional and say “professionalism.” In my opinion, these features are: trust, teamwork, leadership, communication, constant updating skills, an interest in minimizing risks and accountability. Each of these effects professional programmer in certain ways.

Reliability reliability concept is applied in many different ways for programmers. Can you be trusted with a job? Without anyone checking up on you to perform a task? You ask for help when you need it can be trusted?

You clients’ data are given or have signed a non-disclosure agreement, you are being trusted to respect the privacy. Third party tools or libraries you to check the license agreements and as necessary to obtain a license or permit are trusted. Just like any professional are trusted to do a good job.

Teamwork will collaborate with your team mates you really? You just work for mutual benefit and will not To work with you can count on your team? If you share your work and can count on your team to relax? As part of the team and its management (and sometimes even customers) can accept, everyone is trying to get the same job done?

Led showing both earning respect from others means knowing what to do with it. Recognize the skills of your team members, and ensure that they can cope with at a given time without exceeding the growth of each person and can offer challenges.

You always led a project (that scary “delegation” word) the “fun” parts do not have to get involved. It is a job that you yourself would not be willing to include not ask anyone to do so. Managers need to show leadership and lead programmer who just do not have any professional programmer. The best programmers know what is happening to the people, not just those who are small business to work with.

Communication with people respecting work, and really listen to them enough for your customers is an important part of communication. Teamwork, good communication, nor accountability can not be without.

Communication with customers to produce usable specifications and response is critical. You question whether you really are a pair object that will serve the customer in mind?

Meetings with timely and effective communication skills can help. A professional communication, effective and to the point, whether in person, by email, by phone or in written documents.

Until you consider how many people require documentation before a critical project documents seems like a programmer particular concern: other programmers high level, API level documentation and the code needs; Managers planning, progress, and bug documentation is needed; What was done by the lawyers and the evidence of need; And documentation on how to use the software needs.

Keeping your skills up to date Updating skills aware of what is happening in your industry involves staying. Extreme Programming current ideas about what kinds of ways? What libraries and tools out there that are able to support your project? What are the current refactoring? How standards, file formats and protocols about? Unicode, XML, SQL, and are up to date with all the acronym? Maybe you’re missing out on something if you are not. What platforms are you using your potential customers? You should be learning about cross platform development?

Basically you possess a genuine interest in your area, and so you know what’s out there and what areas to read broadly and deeply about the need to read. You can also (or should I say “especially”) need to accept even very good programmers are still learning.

Best practices, combined with a healthy dose of common sense, at least familiar with the risk, you will go a long way towards risk management. Professional programmer known bugs or any other changes they intend to make to keep track of. Worms are risks, and with a simple database bugs you just forgot to ship a product can prevent.

Another threat that is often not well considered any and all changes to the source code. Source of their livelihood and any change could be a mistake. Good software out there that every modification of its source code and also help to keep track of that many people have changed the code merge.

Professional programmers are careful enough to test. Usually a software company but testers testers and developers how to write your own unit and regression testing to know how to get the most out of the need to ensure that every change in behavior observed and is checked by a human.

Keeping your code simple and well styled to manage risk and commonly overlooked way. Anyone can look at the code and see what it does right now, you are far less likely to find bugs in it later, and you have to change something without understanding it at first attempt a junior programmer is likely to.

Another risk is changing his mind, or more often as they change their specifications realized that it was not what they had in mind the customer. Write your code modular and reusable, and you can have any trouble adapting to the changing needs will not require it.

Others have a responsibility to write code for the accountability. You need to make sure your software is reliable. Are you sure that you understand the requirements and specifications of the customer truly needs. Your work, all current and past bugs, their progress, any problems, signed off milestones, and more documentation is required. You also software licenses, the terms of their employment contracts, and intellectual property law, some basic legal issues that needed to be aware of.

As you can see, there is a huge gap between “coding” and “professional programming.” Most programming courses focus on the coding side of things, and the professional skills tend to be glossed over or not covered at all. I have found myself regularly teaching these skills to new co-workers, which highlighted the need for “professionalism skills training.” Teaching my co-workers reminded me how much I enjoy teaching. I decided to teach more people by trying my hand at professional writing for a change.

I set up a web site, which is completely independent from my day job. The site is called Developing It is devoted to teaching people how to develop into professional programmers. Since founding the site, I’ve been presenting the tools and ideas that I think professionals should know about.

Some of my articles simply refer to other sites of benefit to would-be professionals. I research other articles from scratch: tutorials, guides, and discussions of things professionals should be thinking about, like revision control, documentation, keeping your group pointed in the same direction—and of course, each of the aspects of professionalism that I listed earlier.

These days I consider myself to be a professional programmer, though I am still discovering the depth and breadth of what exactly that means. Perhaps that ongoing exploration of programming and of professionalism is what makes this for me a career and not just a job.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

How to quit smoking today

How to quit smoking today

The American Cancer Society reports that nearly half of all smokers die from smoking-related diseases. According to the US Centers for Disease Prevention, men who smoke are usually cut their lives short by 13.2 years and for women it is 14.5 years. Associated with smoking can also affect your quality of life diseases. Why wait for the end?

Quit Smoking: Reasons to stop today

You know smoking is dangerous to your health. Here are the health problems that

2. lung disease. Pneumonia and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis, also brought on by smoking. 3.

3. Stroke, heart attacks, and vascular disease. You are twice likely to die of a heart attack if you smoke. You are also at risk for peripheral vascular disease, narrowing of blood vessels. 4.

4. blindness. Smokers are more likely to develop macular degeneration, which causes most cases of blindness.

Also, women over age 36 who smoke and use birth pills have a greater risk of heart attack, stroke, and blood clots in their legs. Also be smokers are more likely than children of low birth weight, miscarriage and presence.

Quit Smoking: personal and social benefits

In addition to health benefits, quitting smoking mean your breath, hair, and clothes will smell better. The food taste and smell the flowers delight you. And, you will not feel the social consequences, worrying about when and where you will be okay to light up.

One last reason to stop smoking: money. At $ 5 more per pack, quitting usually on package will save you at least $ 1,755 annually.

Quit Smoking: keys to success

Most people who stop smoking permanently say that there are four major factors that lead to success:

The decision to end
Setting a date and choose a plan
Dealing with withdrawal
Changing habits in maintaining success
Stick to these four points works: He resigned about 45 million people from smoking in the United States alone. Many did not make it the first time, so do not despair if you've tried before. You can do it, just as they did.

Quit Smoking: psychological challenge

You may be able to toss the pack and say goodbye to smoking yourself, but most people need outside help. For the mental part of the termination of smoking addiction, you can take advantage of these resources:

Available in all states of telephone counseling services. Will quit smoking Quit American Cancer Society program begins connect you with a trained counselor.
Get support from family, friends, and groups. Tell them what you're doing and asked moral support. You can also try nicotine anonymous, supporting long-term approach with the group to give up smoking. (Watch out for extraneous programs that promise instant results, those paid pills or injections, and programs that are too expensive.)
Online help is 24/7. There is a great online resource for you, ranging from smoking every day to stop health center.
Learn more about the prevention of diseases.

Quit smoking: the physical challenges

As for the physical challenges of quitting smoking, and there are a variety of nicotine replacement products, ranging from gum to patches, which helps to reduce your cravings and withdrawal symptoms. But they are only meant to be used for a few months at most.

If you feel like you need help in the long term, ask your doctor about medications such as Zyban (bupropion) or property (varenicline), which can reduce the symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine.

 You may also want to check out alternative ways to quit smoking, such as acupuncture or herbs, but the Cancer reports that there is no solid scientific proof that they work.

About 4 to 7 percent of smokers quit smoking successfully on its own, but the results are much better if you support that addresses all direct side effects of smoking cessation plan. And the best news: the long-term motivation to stay away from tobacco will soon come from the inside, and once you start feeling healthier and happier about these life-saving step you have taken.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Guest Posting the Right Way for Link Building

Guest Posting the Right Way for Link Building

In most of the positioning strategies, the Link Building still plays a central role, it will be so until Google will consider the same links as a ranking factor central and very important.


That of guest posting is an activity born along with blogging: I write on your site, you add a link to my site.

In theory the guest posting is a great tool for various reasons, among which:

  • Offer readers a different perspective or a specific depth
  • To network with other bloggers
  • Give / receive visibility, particularly for emerging that are worth

Obviously the fact of receiving a backlink is one of the advantages for the guest blogger, but in theory it should not be the one to move around, as it is actually in 90% of cases.


Google's guidelines are clear : if the links are inserted in purchased content must contain the nofollow , so as to not pass value to the linked site.


Noted the rules and risks, most of the people who deal with SEO continue anyway and try to buy up link, because obviously the benefit worth the risk . If those links come from sites theme and seem natural in fact, the risks are much lower. The real point is that it is not as simple as it seems: to obtain artificially a backlink profile that appears natural requires expertise and full knowledge of what you are doing .


The concept of quality is very relative and it is easy to fall into misunderstanding. For many stop to some questions, such as:

  • The site is in the language of my content?
  • The site is in my field or a nearby field?
  • What are the SEO metrics of the site that will host my link?
  • Can I pay the asking price?

If the answers are satisfactory, you can continue: wrong ! Lack some fundamental questions, such as:

  • How you position your site that will host the post to the queries of your interest?
  • The site is or has been penalized?
  • How many inbound links and outbound contains?
  • What (quality) incoming and outgoing links contain?


Again you have to always keep in mind the difficulties of access , now I'll explain briefly. If a guest post costs 200 $, only a few will be able to buy it, only those who have full-bodied budget.But if the same guest post costs 10$ then be many more people who will enter a post with links.
A very simple reasoning, but uncovers a world. On forums and Facebook groups in fact are guest posts also less than 5 $, which means that the owner of that blog to earn 100 $ gross, will have to sell 20 guest posts with as many outgoing links.
Do you believe that basing a link building strategy exclusively on these posts do not expose your site to a real risk of being "discovered" by Google?
Best 40 links of this kind or a true value?They would respond better to a mix in many, but this is another matter.


How could you understand once again, the main ingredient and essential of every link building campaign is the knowledge of what you are doing, why and how you are doing.
While the Guest Post can be a great tool in certain cases it is therefore important not to fall into the trap, make the right questions, and above all to have the right skills to get a view of clear and precise set.

If you have questions, concerns, or would you like to have your say immediately leave a comment, as always you will be answered as quickly as possible.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

How To Make Money Online

How To Make Money Online

There is no doubt. We all want to make money in one way or another. We need money to live.Some settle for less money, others need more, but it is clear that we all need to generate income.

How can you generate income?

  • It depends on the type of income you want to generate.
  • Let's look at the types of income that exist, which one is my favorite and as I'm generating it.
  • Types of income.

There are 3 types of income:

1. Active Income.

Active income is that you get in exchange for a job where you participate actively.
Normally an exchange of money is by hours worked.
Income assets are those that receive the most people as plumbers, electricians, clerks, and employees in general.
The problem with this type of income is that if you do not work, do not receive money .
Another problem is that revenues are limited to the number of hours you are able to work a day.You can not work more than 14/16 hours a day (you need to sleep, eat, and unwind a bit).

2. Income from capital gain or Portfolio.

This type of income is not directly related to your time, because not get by hours worked, but if you need to spend time and effort to get them.

It is to buy something you can sell later at a higher price:

  • Buy shares then sell them more expensive.
  • Buy houses to sell X years later at a higher price.
  • Buy products that go up in value.
  • The problem with this type of income is going to need capital to invest and the like can make money, you can also lose .

3. Passive Income.

  • Passive income is those that you generate without your physical presence or direct work to obtain them, ie, they are income that you get without your having to do anything at that moment.
  • Examples of passive income are:
  • Charge for copyright or royalties of any product.
  • Sell a product online.
  • Renting a home or commercial premises.
  • Make Money with Internet advertising.
  • Passive income is income my favorite despite the benefits thereof, most people do not generate passive income and spend their entire lives working hours in jobs that often also hate.
  • I am not criticizing the way of working with anyone.
  • I understand that to live and bring up your family, you need to generate income, and for that you have to invest between 8 and 10 hours a day to your job, leaving this a rather limited salary and only a couple of days a week of free time to relax, enjoy what you love to do or to be with family.
  • On the other hand maybe you have your own business, worse this also consumes you with concerns and tasks that you can do work more hours than if you were employed.
  • These two options can be good choices for many people, and may even be working on something they like, but in my case, I'm working on creating my own systems operating automated way to generate passive income , while sitting in a computer, sleeping, walking on the beach or playing football with my son.
  • If you want to learn a little more about how to generate passive income, keep reading because this post is for you.
  • types of income

Types of passive income.

1. Residual Income.

  • They are income you get for the work you did once:
  • A business with a customer base that every time they buy a product takes a commission.
  • A photographer gets a commission every time someone buys your photos online.
  • A writer who gets a commission every time someone buys your eBook on Amazon.
  • An insurance salesman who paid an annual fee if your client renews the policy.
  • You have to stay clear it is that this type of income, do not have to be pending continuously to generate income.

2. Leveraged Income.

They are income you get through the work of others:
You create an online course and get profits through a network of affiliates recommend your course in exchange for a commission.
The sales manager of a company gets a monthly, quarterly or annual incentive if your sales team achieves the objectives.
A contractor subcontracts someone to do a job and takes your profit.

3. Income scalable.

They have no income ceiling or a limit as may have your monthly salary as an employee. Each month gain X amount time and you can not earn more than a certain amount because you are limited by the hours you can work.
An example of scalable income is income you get for recommending a product on your blog.There is not limit. If you win € 1,000 / month with 2,000 visitors a day, you can win 2,000 € / month if you double the visits.

How to generate passive income on the Internet. 4 proven methods.
Now that you know the types of income that exist and the benefits of generating passive income, see practical examples of how you can generate passive income on the Internet .
Internet outside is clear that you can generate by buying an apartment and renting it , but you need to make a big investment and hypothecate for life. On the Internet, you can earn money without investing.

1. Create a niche page.

Looking for a specific niche market where competition for position in Google is not too high,hire a hosting , install WordPress and create a page with 20 or 30 posts about this topic. After you do anything SEO and monetizing with Adsense or recommending a product as an affiliate.
Once positioned, you will generate income every month.

2. Write an eBook and sell it on Amazon.

If you have knowledge about any subject, you can translate them into a PDF and upload it to Amazon, the biggest online store there.
Thousands of buyers can access it and generate earnings every month.
Note that with a single eBook of your income will not live on the Internet, but I know of a young entrepreneur with 7 eBooks generates between 500 and 1,000 $ per month .

3. Create an online course.

This is one of the most commonly used methods to make money online in large quantities and is leveraged income and 100% automated.
If you have advanced knowledge to create a course that provides value, you need to invest your time and work for x months until you cast your course and generate the passive income every month without doing anything, while others engaged in recommending it as affiliates.

4. Sell plugins, templates or online tools.

If you are a programmer, you can develop a plugin for WordPress free having improved version premium payment.
You can also develop a template for WordPress as before, with a free version and a more advanced payment more options for the user.

  • Why you should consider generate passive income.
  • Me you will not convince if I say you want to keep working 8 hours a day the rest of your life.Anyone, we like the idea of being able to work few hours earning the same . Well that's what you get with passive income.
  • Generate passive income allows you to have the freedom to live your way, no schedules, no head warm without limits.

You do not have clear where to start and what you should do next?
I'll tell you.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Make Money By Pokemon

Make Money By Pokemon 

Before you begin, let's see what is Pokemon Go so that we can see how you can generate income with this game.

Guide to make money with Pokemon GO. 4 ways to make money online with GO Pokemon, the game of the moment. If you like Pokemon take advantage.

What is Pokemon GO?

  • Pokemon Go is the game of the moment.
  • Millions of people have downloaded this game in less than a week. A game that has managed to overcome the 65 million users a day and has generated large crowds of players in different cities.
  • Pokemon GO is a mobile game is played outdoors, on the streets, squares, parks, etc.
  • This augmented reality game encourages people have set out to explore the world in search of Pokemon that should catch , which are hidden throughout the world.
  • When the player is a Pokemon, you should throw your Pokeball to catch him and increase levels as a coach.

This is the video of  Discover Pokémon in the Real World with Pokémon GO!

How to make money with Pokemon GO.
The launch of this game has sparked the ingenuity of people around the world who are already earning money from Pokemon GO.
Let 's look at 4 ways to make money online with Pokemon GO .

1. Make Money with Pokemon GO as a guide.

One of the main is offering himself as "chauffeurs" or Pokemons expert guides to find their city.
As an example we have the case of the Australian Max James O'Neill who studied the key points where the pokemon are in the city and offered to guide his car to take players of this game to the key points.
He placed an advertisement on the Internet offering their services for $ 25 an hour and 10 minutes and had its first customer.
In a few days he has got a waiting list of 50 people who want to hire and there are now at least 6 people in your town that offer these services.

2. Make Money with Pokemon GO as a consultant.

They are emerging Internet experts Pokemon offering online counseling $ 20 / hour to reveal all the secrets and tricks to get catch the Pokemon.

3. Win "money" in Pokemon GO.

You can leverage your skills within the game to earn coins in the game to use in your purchases.Just register on the Pokemon GO community where you can post screenshots and your tricks or secrets in the forum.
You win coins if your post receives visits and "I like you" , so share them without stopping on social networks.
Guide to make money with Pokemon GO. 4 ways to make money online with GO Pokemon, the game of the moment. If you like Pokemon take advantage.

4. Make Money with affiliate Pokemon GO.

Another option may be to take this fever Pokemon to create a niche page on this subject and monetize it with Adsense or recommending a product Amazon affiliate.
I'm sure doing a good search and choosing keywords Long Tail can get a good monthly income.


What do you think about this game and the chances of making money with it?
Some think this is just a fever or fad but the truth is that we have with Pokemon on the market for over 20 years and fever continues.
If you liked this post, do me a small favor and share it on networks 😉
You may also want to read 12 ways to make money online .

Heatlh Tips By Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and Vegetables

Healthy cooking with fruits and vegetables

Your first rule of thumb when buying a product is to make sure it is fresh. Then, to avoid any fruits or vegetables with flaws, wounds and bruises, or soft spots. Any cut fruits or vegetables should be refrigerated displays sold in the market.
And the fruit ripen at room temperature. It must be refrigerated most fruits and vegetables had already come to stop the ripening process and to prevent spoiling.

Fruits and vegetables habits

If you usually crackers with the decline, and the transition to a half crackers, carrots or celery half," suggests Hincman. "Do you have milk, juice, but did not eat it unfruitful. Every day, switch to apple chips with your sandwich Start dinner with a side salad."
Hincman believe it's okay to take the fruit and vegetable options on the basis of convenience. Frozen vegetables, for example, is easy to work in your diet, especially if you are cooking for one or only two. Always keep vegetables in the refrigerator, so you can throw it quickly in the microwave for a quick meal or side dish.

Enrich recipes, fruits and vegetables

If your family turns away from the vegetable side dish and resists normal eating a piece of fruit for dessert, and it's time to make these foods part of the main dish. Here are 10 ideas to get you started:

1. adapt favorite recipe to include vegetables in addition to or instead of some of the meat. In vegetarian recipes such as lasagna, vegetable, layers in vegetables with pasta sauce a snap.

2. Use mashed potatoes instead of cream to thicken soups like cream, filling enough to be a meal in itself with a side salad.

3. The next time you order or make pizza, and it sprayed olive trees chopped, rings bell pepper, broccoli sprouts, sliced ??mushrooms.

4. expand and recipes with a cup or two of diced or chopped vegetables. Try adding carrots, peas, green beans cut into soups and sauces most packaged or homemade. Fold grated carrots or zucchini into the batter for cakes and loaf cakes. And use the extra beans, dried peas, lentils cooked in a hearty vegetarian recipes such as chili meat.

5. If your family cooked vegetables are resistant to the usual way, try broiling or questioning zucchini, peppers, eggplant and mushrooms, such as portobellos (which has packets of steak after cooking), and tomatoes just until they are seared edges or distortion. Easy recipe skewer vegetables are cut as you do kebab meat - covered lightly with oil-based spray and put it on the heat.

6. Make kebabs of fruit is a fun way to serve watermelon, pineapple, pears, and apples - raw or grilled for a few minutes to increase their tastes. You can serve vanilla yogurt or lemon on the side also fell.

7. Get the kids involved in healthy cooking. Fun to try dessert, such as blueberry mango upside down cake. And they will enjoy the fruit setting in the pattern on the bottom of the bread flour and whole-wheat pasta, milk-free dish of fat promote the benefits of nutrition and recipe for even further.

8.Fruit easily lends itself to many dishes and breakfast - create a happy face on a careful hot oatmeal with berries or sliced ??bananas or fold the berries into pancake or waffle batter. Breakfast fast fresher, stir fruit slices or your cubes, such as strawberries or peaches, in the thick plain or vanilla yogurt zero fat.

9.Chicken salad tastes even better with half the grapes, apple cubes and some chopped red cabbage. Authority tuna, adding dice of red pepper, celery, and onions. Can be made in each of the wrapped lettuce leaves instead of bread, and a great way to get some extra leafy greens.

10.Think of vegetable- or salsa-based juices instead of fattening sauce or gravy as easy occupies first place chicken, meat, or fish.
Breakfast, lunch, or dinner - any meal to get food batch of fruits and vegetables - all it takes is a little creativity.

Monday, September 12, 2016

7 tips or keys to greater success with Google Adsense

7 tips or keys to greater success with Google Adsense 

Today we bring you 7 tips or keys to greater success with Google Adsense and earn more money for clicks made on our ads.

1) Location of Adsense ads

There are some hot spots to place our Adsense ads. These point are preferred to place our ads Adsense because that is where fixed readers view and pay more attention. This way is more likely to click on the ad so we can make more money with Adsense.

2) Increases traffic to your blog or website

It is evident that the more traffic we send to our blog or website more successful we will be in our ad campaigns and win more money with Adsense. It is a matter of statistics, more visits more likely to click on our Adsense ads to make money with them.
And how do we get more traffic? The aesthetics of our website is important; good design will prevent people leave our website as they enter.
The content is equally important for several reasons, firstly get the interest of the people who visit our site and spend more time on our site, so are more likely to click on one of our ads and thus win money with Adsense. And with good content we will get better search engine rankings which will help us get more visits, the more clicks and earn more money with Adsense.
There are many more things we can do to increase traffic to our website and optimize SEO, backlinks and much more but for now we'll leave it here.
The strongest colors are the points where it is preferable to insert Adsense ads and according lighter colors are less likely to get a click on our ads.

3) Use of search forms Adsense

In addition to content ads you prune to use search forms that Adsense makes available. This is another way to make money with Adsense since the user will enter the search term in the box and will show different results and if you click on any of the ads from pages visited win money with Adsense.

4) Choose well the colors of Adsense ads

One thing to consider are the colors of Adsense ads we choose. We can choose the color of the ads and it is important that the chords we select our website or blog. If Adsense ads to choose the same colors that you use in your web ads appear they will be integrated and part of your content so it will be easier to get here and make more money with Adsense.

5) Adsense Ad Format

Adesense already have studied that ads are more effective, with which got more click and earn more money with Adsense. Preferably you choose AdSense recommended ads since they have a higher conversion. Do not forget that Adsense is our friend because if we win, they win, so get them interested in things as easy as possible to make money with Adsense.

6) Respect Adsense policies

It is likely that if you try to cheat Adsense hears and will suspend the account. What may also happen is that people who click on your ads are not qualified, so the amount of money earned per click your ads down to the minimum, this is what Adsense is called Smart Price. 
Evita put arrows pointing to the ads, ask users to click on Adsense ads and similar practices.

7) Each website is different for results with Adsense

It is interesting that perform tests by placing ads in different points of the web and you check with configuration earn more money with Adsense . Each blog and website behaves differently. So you can experience the results need to already have a large volume of daily visits to your web. It is to test for a full month different locations before making a decision.

Good fat, bad fat

Good fat, bad fat

Know which fats are good for you and which ones to avoid.

The general wisdom for many years that all fat should be avoided.

Unsaturated fat, saturated fat, unsaturated fat - just stay away from them all. But now scientists realize that the fat - and how our bodies handle it - is much more complicated.

Our bodies need some fat for optimum performance. But we need the right kinds of fat, we need to practice moderation. Some fats are actually good for you, and others should be avoided at any cost. 

How do you know which is which?

Fats: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Alexa Schmidt, RD, a clinical nutritionist at Massachusetts General Hospital, says monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats "good fats" that saturated fat can be consumed in moderation.

Trans fats, however, should be completely avoided, adds Schmidt, explaining that unsaturated fats are dangerous because they raise cholesterol levels in the blood. High levels of certain types of cholesterol, especially low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (the so-called "bad cholesterol") increase the risk of heart disease and other health conditions, including stroke.

How can we know what foods contain fat? 

As a general rule, says Schmidt, "fats that are liquid at room temperature, such as olive oil, is the best choice of foods that are semi-solid, such as butter or margarine." The following tips will help you choose a diet rich in fat monounsaturated and polyunsaturated and low in saturated fat.

Mono-unsaturated fats (unsaturated fats) are good sources of monounsaturated fats, canola oil, olive oil, avocados and most nuts.

Tip: avocado spread on bread instead of cheese. The use of olive oil and garlic instead of whole milk and butter to the evolution of delicious mashed potatoes.

Poly-unsaturated fats (unsaturated fats):

 There are two types of polyunsaturated fats, omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Since most Americans are getting a lot of omega-6 fats in their diet from vegetable oils, and Schmidt says her main concern is the omega-3 fatty acids. Good sources of omega-3 fats are fish (salmon and tuna), flaxseed, and walnuts.

Tip: Snack on a handful of nuts, or add a tablespoon of ground flax seed to oatmeal in the morning or grain. You can also add ground flaxseed when baking cakes or cakes to boost Omega.

Saturated fats: red meat and fatty meats such as salami, dairy products such as cream, butter and vegetable oils thicker, such as coconut and palm kernel oil and saturated fat sources.

Tip: Enjoy a steak every now and then, but in an attempt to limit saturated fat to 10 percent of your diet, at most.

Unsaturated fats: Made by adding hydrogen to vegetable oil, a process that aims to extend the shelf life of canned goods, and no saturated fat in a wide range of canned and processed foods, including bakery items, cakes, and biscuits.

Bottom line? 

You are educated shopper: Know what to look for and potential pitfalls. Try to do the majority of your shopping at the perimeter of the grocery store, and reduce your trips to the bottom of the interior hallways - where most of the perpetrators are unsaturated fats found. In the vicinity, you can focus on frozen and fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat, fish, whole grains, fresh from the bakery cuts. Add a little olive oil, and it will be really cooking!

Teenage brain and social media

Teenage brain and social media

Is activated the same brain circuits that are activated by eating chocolate and win money when teenagers see large numbers of "likes" on their own photos or images from their counterparts in the social network, according to a study of the University of California is the first of its kind that the brains of teenagers surveyed "during use social media.

33 were told to adolescents, aged 13-18, who were participating in similar small social network application to exchange pictures and popular Instagram. In an experiment in mapping the brain center Ahmanson- Lovelace at the University of California, researchers are including 40 image showed 148 images on a computer screen for 15 minutes, that every teenager feet, and analyzing brain activity using functional magnetic resonance imaging, or fMRI. Display each image are also a number of times as it was supposed to have received from the participants in the teen others - in fact, has been appointed a number of likes by the researchers. (At the end of the procedure, the participants were told that the researchers decided on the number of received image).

"When I saw the teenagers their own photos with a large number of like, we saw activity across a wide range of areas in the brain," said lead shahista, a researcher in mapping the brain center and a branch of digital UCLA Children's Media Center, Los Angeles.

She said the area that was especially active is part of a scheme called the nucleus accumbens, which is part of the reward circuitry in the brain. It is believed that these reward circuits to be particularly sensitive during adolescence. When he saw the teens their pictures with a large number of likes, researchers also observed activation in areas known as the brain regions associated with visual attention to the social.

In deciding whether to acknowledge that he loved the image, and adolescents are affected to a large extent by the number of likes the picture.

"We showed exactly the same image with lots of likes for half of the adolescents and the other half with a handful of like," said Sherman. "When I saw the picture with more likes, and they were significantly more likely to like it themselves. Teens react differently when they see the information has been passed by more or less than their peers, even if these are the peers of strangers."

The study was published today in the Journal of Psychology.

Said Maria, science professor of psychiatry and biobehavioral at the Sem Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior at the University of California in real life and adolescents, and the impact of their friends is likely to be more dramatic.

"In this study, this group of virtual strangers, and they have been, but they are still responding to peer influence. He Dilshad, senior author of the study" demonstrated their willingness to conform to both the brain and in the level of what he chose to love. "We should expect that the effect is amplified in real life, when they are looking at the likes of teenagers by the people who are important to them."

It must have parents concerned about social media? The researchers said much like other media, social media, and the positive and negative features of both.

Many teens and young adults befriend people online who they do not know well, and parents are right to worry. "That opens up the possibility of a child is influenced more by people who may be more risk-taking behavior of your child or your child's friends immediately.

"Parents used to know the friends of their children, but when they have several hundred friends, there can not be for parents the way they know who they are," said Patricia Greenfield, director of the children at the University of California Digital Media Center, Los Angeles and other senior author of the study.

But Sherman refers to the possible benefit of social networks. "If your teen's friends are displayed positive behavior, then it's great that your teen will see that the behavior of and affected by it," she said. "It's important for parents to be aware of which reacts teen with the Internet and those friends and acquaintances posting and liking. In addition, self-identity is influenced teen by the opinions of others, as previous studies have shown. Available data seems to have certainly reflects that too ".