A surefire way to download songs from the Internet


A surefire way to download songs from the Internet

Teman2 like online diinternet certainly like dong download songs mp3 is not it? one of the favorite websites definitely visit the site 4shared ya? nah this time I will share a special application to download songs from the Internet with ease.
Quote There are many applications for downloading music from the internet, but most of them are not free and do not offer the option to download songs from several services (website).
Songr, an application that is practical and easy to use also quickly search lagu2 of the internet, the display that is easy to use and support for Indonesian available on this Songr application. Songr allows us to download music from a total of 16 search engines and streaming music services. That is, when we enter a keyword in the search box and menenekan Songr search button, IAK will search for music using a search engine: Audiodump.com, BeeMP3.com, DilanDau.com, 4shared.com, GoEar.com, MP3Realm.org, MPEG Search.com, ProstoPleer.com, SocBay.com, Soso.com, Tagoo.ru, TinySong, Wrzuta.pl and YouTube.com. The main features of Songr:
  • Search for and download songs
  • Search by song
  • The interface is easy to use
  • Search for and purchase music / song from Amazon, eMusic, and Rhapsody
  • Download audio or video from youtube.com
  • Preview songs before downloading
  • Play a song without downloading
  • Download songs in .mp3 file format
The search results will show the song file name, duration, bitrate, size, quality scores, speed, reliability and search engine name. Hover the mouse cursor over the search results will display the file title, artist, and host information. To download the file, right-click on the search results and select the download / download. Download as an MP3 file is also available when music files in different file formats. This feature is very useful when we want to download the song files in MP3 format only. The best part is that it allows us to listen to the music first without mengdownloadnya first, simply right click on one of the search results and click on "Play", Songr will use our dikomputer default music player for listening to songs. The best part is the support for multiple languages, Indonesian is also available on this Songr program, simply click File -> Settings -> Langguage. then select "Indonesian" button and click "OK".

What are you waiting, for the hobby to download and search for songs from the Internet, use this songr program, quick and easy way to find your favorite songs. Right-click on one of the search results and click on Download / download to start downloading favorite songs us. In conclusion, songr is a program that must be owned by a music lover, supports versions of Windows Vista, XP, 7, and Windows 8 32bit and 64bit Also available version portable on its website.

Please download the program Songr Here