Another way to chat on Facebook


Another way to chat on Facebook

Facebook, the most visited Web site people today, perhaps even later able to beat Google, if you want to find your old friend, facebook is the place. Let us consider rata2 computer users are now spending time on facebook, either just to see what the last message posted their friends, read a comment or viewing photos and album. But there are also computer users who today do not have an account on facebook, facebook it possible for them look stupid, and instead of using facebook is stupid, but there are many other things to do on their computer, respectively.

Approximately a few days ago I received a complaint from my customers on facebook, I think she's already addicted ngefesbukan in his office, probably because there are now rules from his office banned fesbuk office, or emang already blocked ama admin office, pity he guns could play fesbuk office, guns could be chatting again on facebook, the only solution in order to chat again with friends on facebook facebook messenger is to use the program.
FacebookDiscovery is a software designed easy to use and runs programs like Yahoo Messenger or Live messenger, specifically designed for chatting between teman2 on our facebook.
After completion of the installation process, we will be asked to enter the email that we use to login to our fesbuk, and password, then click the Login button. You can write us to facebook status, and chat with friends without having to open facebook.
Download Latest version for Windows XP, 2003, Vista and 7 
Version 1.2.61 
Released October 18, 2010

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