D7 - advanced Windows Portable Device for IT Professionals and Technicians Computer


D7 - advanced Windows Portable Device for IT Professionals and Technicians Computer

D7 is a powerful tool for IT professionals and computer technicians. This tool is intended ONLY for advanced users (expert / specialist) computer, and not for beginners / public / lay. Where functions contained in this tool can damage your system, so please be careful with testing / use with this application. This tool is a portable application that is sophisticated, with a wide variety of freeware tools (free) which is incorporated into one package, developers of this application who dubbed himself "Foolish IT".

The first time we run this tool will be offered to accept the license terms, then you will see a popup that says "ou have accepted the licensing terms" (you accept the terms of the license) and click the "OK" button to enter the application.
The following warning is application developers who quoted from his website:
THIS TOOL IS FOR EXPERIENCED PC Technicians intended ONLY, NOT FOR "END USERS." This tool can be very dangerous and destructive if you do not know how to use it properly, or are inexperienced in malware removal techniques.
Which means kira2:
THIS TOOL IS INTENDED FOR EXPERIENCED PC technician ONLY, NOT FOR "USER LAY." This tool can be very dangerous and destructive if you do not know how to use it properly, or are not experienced in the technique malware removal.
After opening the app scans your entire computer and provide the output of software and hardware. There are several tabs in applications that assist us in performing many tasks such as:
  • Maintenance (Maintenance):
  • Repair (Repair):
  • Tweaks:
  • Malware scanner:
  • Offline Tasks (Task offline):
  • dSupport:
  • DataGrab:

For those who do not know what function DataGrab: He was just backing up the data we want from every user profile in Windows and not all of them will be backed up (like temp files, etc.) document files, images, video, desktop, favorites, saved games, downloads, cookies, history, application data for the outlook (including PST and NK2) DBXes Outlook Express and Windows Address Book, Firefox profiles etc.
According to the manufacturer, the following bit of description that can be done by progrma this D7 (In English): 
According the developers here is the list of things D7 can do:
  • Offline and live malware removal assistance via many internal and 3rd party tools
  • Repairing Windows after malware removals
  • General PC maintenance
  • Offline and live registry editing with mass search and delete features
  • Offline and live a data backup
  • CPU / RAM stress testing
  • Information gathering and quality assurance uses
  • OS Branding
  • IP / DNS configuration backup & restore +
  • Shortcuts to frequently used Windows components
  • Quick access to frequently used Windows tweaks
  • Numerous right-click context menu (in Windows Explorer) features for working with files and directories
  • Wrappers / one-click execution options for frequently used command line tools
  • Synchronization of Malware Scan definition files
  • Automatic updates of all your favorite 3rd party tools via Ketarin
  • Offline application of password removal tricks enabling you to gain access to password protected live systems
D7 program is not a tool to get rid of malware from your computer, but can memempermudah tugas2 that we often encounter in fixing windows.
Please see Video Demonstration:
For computer technicians and IT professionals, of course, this tool is very much help, apart from the combination of a free utility such as from Sysinternal, Nirsoft etc. and this toolkit contains a portable application that canggih2. principal loss guns deh store this tool in the flash Kita.

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