How to bring back the missing bluetooth icon in the system tray Windows7


How to bring back the missing Bluetooth icon in the system tray Windows7

This time we will discuss one of the problems most mengjengkelkan in windows, as we have seen in Windows 7 show the icon "Bluetooth" in the system traynya, and if we click or right-click on the icon bluetooth earlier, it will be sticking the menu, and unfortunately the problems started when option "Remove" icon in the bottom menu, and if we do not accidentally click this option and buzzz !, missing bluetooth icon on the system tray! and we will not find an option to restore it again. The menu options "Remove icon" should not be at the very bottom of the menu, it is probable that ordinary users as we would not accidentally clicking on it, and most mengjengkelkan, we were not given a warning or further confirmation if indeed really want to remove this icon from the system tray Windows7.

If we inadvertently have clicked on the option "Remove" icon in the system tray, and the Bluetooth icon has disappeared from the system tray, here are two simple methods to restore the original in the system tray Windows7.
First Method: Using Bluetooth settings windows are hidden.
Why is said to be hidden ?. because we will not find Bluetooth settings in the control panel, how:
  1. Type "bluetooth" in the search box (search box) on the Windows 7 start menu, and we will automatically be given the option, select it and click the "Change Bluetooth Settings".

  1. A new window will open, the window Bluetooth Settings, reactivate its Bluetooth option By checking the box the option "Show the Bluetooth icon in the notification area", clickApply and close the window.

  1. Completed, the Bluetooth icon in the system tray Windows7 will reappear.

Second way: Using the Registry Editor.
If the above method does not work, here's how to restore windows7 disistem bluetooth icon tray by using the registry editor.
  1. Type Regedit in box Run in the startmenu Windows 7 (search box), to open the registry editor program.
  2. Now navigate to the following line:
  3. HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ Bluetooth
  4. Paneled right, find the DWORD value of the Notification Area Icon value should be 0, otherwise the value is 1 (the icon will disappear).

Done, restart your system to restore the missing bluetooth icon in the system tray Windows7