How to Create animated GIF images with AnimatedGIF


How to Create animated GIF images with AnimatedGIF

Want to know how to easily create images that move? GIF file is an image file format that can contain a single image or multiple images. When a file contains multiple images, it will be seen ber'animasi '. An animated GIF file needs to have two or more pictures in a sequence, each to be displayed with a certain time interval. Although we can use special tools such as Photoshop or GIMP etc, we can use a free tool (freeware) to make the job easier.

AnimateGIF is a small utility that will quickly create animated GIFs. Has an interface which is really simple, so easy to use.
This application is portable, lightweight, basic and very easy to use. Simply place the images in the box provided to create animated GIF images.
We can set the animation Loop, Frame delay, and the quality of its output GIF images.
GIF animator Online Services Guide.
Sometimes When We need to create animated GIF images, we can also use a free online service called GIF animator Picasion. Here allow us to upload up to 10 pictures and also offers some other basic features.

Please Download AnimatedGIF here.