How to fix Microsoft Word program that will not be opened


How to fix Microsoft Word program that will not be opened

Have met with problems microsoft word program that tiba2 guns could be opened? Pas would like to open Microsoft Word program bobbed errors (error) like this:
Microsoft Word has stopped working - a problem the caused the program to stop working Correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available
This event applies to microsoft office 2010 program that is installed and run properly in advance. If met with langkah2 following problems to overcome:
If we try to open a file ms word then sticking an error like this: The problem is normally found in the Add-in program microsoft Wordnya, we need to do is to disable add-ins that cause this problem.

Type "winword.exe a" (without the quotation marks yah) in the search box windows 7 / vista us, this command will run the program Microsoft Word in safe mode, without running the add-in her. click "Yes" to execute MS-Word in safe mode.
It will run ms-word in safe mode, click the file and select Options
In ms-Wordnya Options, select Add-ins
Browse and search for add-ins that are currently active, and disable the kira2 causing this problem, in this case the add-ins that cause problems is an add-in "Send to Bluetooth" that causes MS-Word 2010 can not be opened, click the "go to manage this add-in "and disable (clear Doodles) and click OK.

Now try to reopen ms-word as before. Good luck!