How to hide a folder in the phone


How to hide a folder in the phone.

Want to hide files or folders and your data on the phone let me see guns in / in person who tinkers ama friend? The following trick can be applied in mobile phone nokia, samsung, motorola, Lg, or all of the brand, which is important support Java applications in which almost all the brands certainly supports Java applications.

So, if the phone / mobile you support Java applications, the following tips and tricks to hide files and folders in the phone nokia, without requiring any sofwer !:
  1. Lah Create a new folder or use an existing folder just for us to hide.
  2. Rename the folder to be hidden folder with the extension .jad (So suppose we will hide the folder named Photos become Foto.jad)
  3. Now create a new folder didirektory same file extension .jar (so renamed Foto.jar)
  4. Now pay attention, the folder named Foto.jad been hidden! while an empty folder (Foto.jar) remains plasticity with empty contents. so our data is safe from rogue eyesight.
Now we already know the tricks hide files / photos of us on the phone. then how to do to display it again the original? Good question, langkah2nya:
To display the file / folder hidden in the phone is enough to dispose of the extension file / folder.jar (Foto.jar) earlier, then our original folder with extension .jad (Foto.jad) will plasticity back.