How to hide our profile on Facebook


How to hide our profile on Facebook

Are you bored with annoyance at the demand of daily friendship we do not want or want to hide our profiles of people we do not know ?. We can hide our profile on facebook from the search. If someone typed the email in the search box on facebook, facebook will automatically search into the database and will show a link to our profile.

What can we hide our profile from searches on facebook?
Yes, we can hide our profile of search in facebook, facebook itself provides options for it. Here are three such option:
  1. Anyone can search our profile on facebook.
  2. Only our friends and friends of friends who can look for our profile.
  3. Just Friends we can seek our profile.
For those who are really frustrated with friend requests everyday unwanted should choose one of the options 2 or 3.
Step2 hide our profile on facebook:
  1. Login to your facebook masing2.
  2. Click on the Account in the upper right.
  3. Now click on the Privacy and then click View Settings under article Connecting onFacebook.
  1. Now we can see our facebook privacy settings is not it? and the first option is the optionSearch for you on Facebook
  2. Beside the word Search for you on Facebook we can choose one of three options that have been provided by fesbuk earlier.
  3. We can also change the privacy settings else here like Send you friend requests, Send you messages, See your friend list, See your education and work, See your current city and hometown, and See your likes, activities and other connections

Saty Away From Fb :)