How to improve the NVIDIA Display Driver Stopped Responding


How to improve the NVIDIA Display Driver Stopped Responding

One of the new problems that I have experienced that in windows vista and windows 7 but not in Windows XP, the screen turns black for a few seconds and then reappeared with a popup that tells us "Display driver stopped responding and has recovered. Nvlddmkm Display driver stopped responding and has successfully recovered. "From the pop-up message appears to no driver crashes, and generally upgrade or install the old model drivers will fix this problem. When we find a solution on the internet will find that there are hundreds of topics including suggested to reformat your computer and even told to replace the VGA card.
This is not a simple problem can be easily remedied by following trick: By way of still set the graphics card for PhysX processor rather than allowing automatic pick the type of processor, and maybe she will choose the processor CPU, it will be fatal. How: Open the Nvidia Control Panel -> Expand the 3D Settings> Manage PhysX configuration. In the PhysX processor options, the default settings selected "Auto-Selected (recommended)". Click on the drop down menu, select your graphics card and click the Apply button to confirm the change.

Final Words

It's a simple trick to fix the problem before reinstalling the drivers, replace nvlddmkm.sys driver files, fix registry, remove the patch windows etc.