How to install DirectX 10 in Windows XP


How to install DirectX 10 in Windows XP

For the hobby of playing the game and want to play games that only run in directx 10 (such as: game Crysis) and do not want to change windows ya (win XP) into Windows Vista or 7, can download DirectX 10 (not come from Microsoft) and then install it on Windows XP masing2.

Here langkah2 install DirectX 10 to Windows XP.
  1. After downloading the DirectX 10, extract the .exe file and run it, click Next.
    After the window pops up information about DirectX 10 for Windows XP, click Next. Then click the "install"

    1. Wait a moment, the process of copying is underway.

  1. In the following window, contains information on setting up the game Crysis to run the button Next
  2. Furthermore, after the process is complete, click the finish button and let the box terconteng "Run DirectX Diag" to run the DirectX diagnostics.

  3. Well finished already the install DirectX 10 to Windows XP favored us.

Final Word

its Very Easy