How to lock Keyboard, Mouse and Computer


How to lock Keyboard, Mouse and Computer

There are several ways to lock the computer when you are not in front of a computer, one way to lock a computer if you do not wear it and let it online because it is downloading files etc is to use the features of Windows by pressing the WIN + L (button logo picture windows + the letter L key), then windows will automatically return to the logon window, where if you want to get back into windows must first type in a password for the user name (if weve given a password, if guns, must first create a password).
Lock our computers when we are not in front of the computer is very useful if you do not want other people to work especial fitting time we do not have in front of a computer.locking the computer can also use the program other than the default Windows (Third-Party).
  1. Mouse Lock. is a free program, aka the program "open source" This little utility will dim the desktop and lock your mouse cursor over the middle of the screen, an area in which we are asked to enter a password to unlock it. acts just like a mousetrap tablets.
  2. mouse-lock
    Mouse Lock is not easy to take over, and it will also lock the keys CTRL + ALT + DEL, and will also record any wrong keywords entered by the user into a file .log, if there are users who are trying to force entry by typing in any keyword . 
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  3. Kid-Key-Lock, is a program that can lock specific keyboard and mouse to prevent a rogue user rather than accidentally pressing unwanted on the keyboard and mouse. Kid-Key-Lock can easily be accessed on the system-tray windows, and all types of key selection options are easily accessible from the pop-up menu. Unfortunately, the program is not fully customizable. You can only choose between several preset key functions such as locking all the keys to accept the standard character keys, or any combination lock systems or locks all buttons. Similarly, you can lock the mouse left button, right or center, lock double-click or scroll wheel. If you accidentally lock your keyboard, the program supports a key combination such as a password that can override all settings to lock or stop the program.
  4. Quark is a Matrix-style security tool that protects your computer from unauthorized access by locking the screen and reject any user interaction until the correct password is entered. The screen filled with rows of rolling green character with a password box blinking in the foreground. Along with the high-tech visual effects, sound effects robot that could be heard during locking, typing and open the lock. To activate Quark you have to click twice on QLoad.exe and set your password. Then double-click on Quark.exe to lock the screen. When the screen is locked you can not access the application from the computer. Even pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del can not.
  5. Predator is a free utility that allows you to temporarily lock your computer when you have to get away with using a USB flash drive as key. The first time you run Predator, you must install a "lock" on the flash disk. During the flash drive is plugged into the computer, the computer is unlocked. When you take a flash disk of your computer will be locked. The keyboard and mouse are inactive and the display will be darkened. There is no way to access the PC unless you plug the USB flash back to the computer. After flash disk back in place, the computer is opened. Predator will also menglog all events into a .log file so that you can see if anyone has tried to illegally get into your PC, or exit the program. The best thing about the Predator, you can lock multiple PCs using a single flash drive.
  6. BtProx is a free program, Windows application open source which takes advantage of the ability of the base Bluetooth to detect Bluetooth devices to automatically lock your Windows computer whenever you are away from your computer. To use it, you must have a Bluetooth phone or a suitable device and plugging it into your computer. BtProx runs in the system tray and constantly checking to make sure that your phone is within range. If you walk away from your computer and outside the range of a Bluetooth device, BtProx will enable the screensaver to lock your screen or even run a program of your choice. One disadvantage of this application is that the Bluetooth must continue to be activated every time that can significantly drain the phone battery You.


Thus some way to lock your computer when you leave them all in the office, etc. Hopefully bermamfaat.