How to overcome the stuck windows / hang


How to overcome the stuck windows / hang

Have you ever encountered a problem like this, when loading windows after we enter the password and the desktop screen appears, and then we could not open the program, sometimes have to wait a few minutes and his windows smoothly as usual, strange is not it ?. Got confused also meet this problem, the day was a stuck / hang it increasingly long, only the first time you turn on the computer, if allowed to be up to 5 minutes of the new can we use the computer, could also consult fellow computer technician, her suggestion was told check device manager, there may be unsuitable or the driver has not been installed he said, had been confused as well, and also many times can I reinstall Windows to solve the problem of "trivial" is.
After searching for solutions and googling here and there, ultimately the problem can also be solved, without the need to reinstall course, well if re-install the nuisance, especially computer using that for business, hassle-dah. nah coincidence this computer I used for printing business kecil2an, every day there may be dozens of USB flash turns in colokin to this computer, imagine for a month BRP kind of usb flash that dicolokin ?. well it turns out the windows to save history in the registry, which makes the problem if many kinds of usb antecedent catet by Windows ?, fitting loading problems arise the first time, namely: stuck / hang a few minutes.

To overcome the problem of "trivial" I use a small program called USB Oblivion, this little program really helped me troubleshoot my windows were stuck / hang fitting first time in turn. simply download and run the program. check the box "Do real clean" and if you want to save the registry before her please tick also the box "Save backup reg file", then run the program. Once completed, please try restarting the computer, the computer will return to normal, there are no pauses in our exhausted enter a password and your desktop appears, we could be immediately open the program as usual.

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