How to search for drivers 'Unknown Devices'


How to search for drivers 'Unknown Devices'

Usually, when we buy a hardware device (hardware) any cd definitely come along with his driver. And if we lose the cd drivers the only way is to download the driver back on the website of the manufacturer of the hardware in each. but what do you do if you are not sure or computer shows only hardware drivers for nothing and only shows "Unknown Devices", surely you confused the name of the hardware what is lacking, this time we will learn a little trick to find what hardware is not no drivers for this.
Keep in mind every hardware have the feature name itself Vendor and Device id associated with it, if we can find this ID, then we will know the name of the manufacturer of this device, and in the windows, we will easily find the name of the vendor also id.
Her steps:
  1. Open Device Manager (Control Panel System >> Hardware> Device Manager)
  2. The hardware that no drivers will be marked with the name "Unknown Devices", so we will easily find it.
  3. Right click on the "Unknown Devices" and click "Properties"
  4. Under the window "Properties" tab click the "Details" and select "Device Instance ID" from the drop down box.
  5. You will find a code like this:
  6. PCI \ VEN_ 8086 & DEV_ 27DC & SUBSYS_30868086 & REV_01 \ 4 & 1E46F438 & 0 & 40F0
  7. Part marked in red is = Vendor ID, and a section marked with green color is = ID Device her.

  8. [sc name = "bidvertiser"]
  9. Once we get her ID, ​​open a web PCI Database, enter his ID and click "Search". Here we can find the manufacturer of the hardware before, based on the ID is given, then just go to the website of the manufacturer of the hardware masing2 easily and certainly of course.

Hopefully, this trick is useful for a friend fellow computer technician. Good luck!.