How to secure your computer from viruses with Microsoft Safety Scanner


How to secure your computer from viruses with Microsoft Safety Scanner

Having a good antivirus program is very important for our computers, we will now discuss a portable program from Microsoft that will help us to combat computer viruses, spyware and other malicious programs that target our computer at any time.
Microsoft Safety Scanner is a supplement program (s) other than the antivirus that we have in our computer, the program is free and is certainly portable (without the need for installation beforehand) so we can directly run from the flash on any computer that needs to be cleared of programs evil, viruses and spyware.
  1. Download the Microsoft Safety Scanner and save it in a flash or other places according to taste, then run the file with Administrator privileges.
  2. Stain the box marked "Accept all terms of the preceding license agreement" and then click "Next".
  3. Here we will describe what the Microsoft Safety Scanner, Keep in mind, this is not a replacement for an antivirus program that is already there, just complement it. We can use them as 'second option' to clarify and mengyakinkan given by existing antivirus program.
  4. Now choose the type of scan (scan) that we want, we can choose the scan "Quick", "Full" or "Cutomized" to the directory chosen, for the best results is to choose the option "Full" Scan, but keep in mind the process will take a rather long time (air-jam2) depending on the size of the hard drive.
  5. After selecting the desired option, then we will be taken to a screen where the scanning process is being run.
  6. Once the process is completed we will be presented the results, lucky at this time the process instance is not found a virus / spyware / malware.
  7. If it finds a virus or other types of malicious programs, we will be told to remove it.

  8. And also we will also be presented in more detail about the types of virus / malicious programs. If we click on the link that is presented, then we will be taken to the Microsoft Malware Protection Center site to see more detail.

While MS Safety Scanner is a good supplement for anti-malware that exists today, while the little flaws, according to its website this program will expire after 10 days in the download, so the next time if we want to use it, we need to download the latest version again at the Microsoft Web site.
Comes with 32bit and 64bit versions, be sure to download the os version according to masing2. This device is useful when we already know that the computer is infected by a virus, and want to clean it by using the flash.

Download the Microsoft Safety Scanner here