How to test your flash


How to test your flash

Never see the same flash that the price is rather oblique aka cheap ?. Be careful loh kalo see flash like this, we want to save money alih2 little with fd like this, eh week instead using that new kedetek guns on the computer again, pity if using store important documents didalem tiba2 kedetek guns again? wussss fly like the wind deh.

Well, before buying the flash make sure the quality of the flash, do not be in a hurry with a cheap price, but the quality is not guaranteed. Here we will be offered on how to test or test the quality of our flash masing2, remember before our flash test, it would be nice in advance or mengbackupnya clear elsewhere. How to test our flash is to use the software and portable Internet course again.Check Flash (ChkFlsh) to test your flash with a method to read and write again and again, addition to checking the drive errors, can also determine the read and write speeds. Windows comes with scandisk or chkdsk program that I can use to scan for bad sectors but does not have a burn-in test facilities. So here Check Flash (ChkFlsh) which I used to test the condition and performance of flash drives.

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