RMPrepUSB: Install Windows on a USB stick, USB stick Accelerate and more


RMPrepUSB: Install Windows on a USB stick, USB stick Accelerate and more

Wants to analyze, utilize and perform different tasks with a USB stick? Try RMPrepUSB. He can perform many tasks with a USB stick. You can install different operating systems and even analyze your USB device. He can create a Windows installer and portable, can install Linux OS on a stick. This program is available free of charge for personal use. Microsoft may have reason to not support the Windows boot from an external device, but there are many who still prefer to install and run Windows on USB flash drives. RMPrepUSB lets you do this and easier.

Install Windows or Linux on a USB flash
RMPrepUSB has an excellent interface, which is easy to use. You do not need assistance in using the software with the steps that are marked on the screen. You can install different operating systems on your USB flash with this free tool.
Test the speed of your USB
You can test the speed of your USB, this tool will give you the right to read and write speed of your USB drive. It keeps a record of your speed test done with your USB. You can see the notes, by pressing F6 or F7 on your keyboard. You can click on the Clean button and it really will clean up space on your USB and will also increase the speed of USB. See the image below to get an idea. After formatting with this tool, the speed of transfer from and to USB flash appears to be increasing.

We can install grub4dos, syslinux and even make ex2 FS. You can check the info drive and test it using QEMU emulator.
The process of making a bootable USB is very easy, we simply need to enter all the settings and click on the last button "prepare drive".
USB RMPrepUSB will make you run fast and make the USB bootable.

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