This he Specs Samsung Galaxy Nexus


This he Specs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Ice Cream Android phone Samsung Galaxy Nexus finally officially introduced to the public, this phone not only has the latest operating system but also has a specification that is sophisticated, slim design is only a thickness of 8.98 mmonly. Samsung galaxy nexus use a processor Cortex A9 1.2 GHz dual-corechipset with TI OMAP 4460, 1 GB RAM, and storage capacity of up to 32 GB and can be expanded via a microSD card slot .. Samsung Galaxy Nexus already using a curved screen HD Super AMOLED 4 , 65 "Resolution 720 x 1280 pixels.Population density is also high at 315 pixels per inch, the iPhone 4 spec approach of 329.65 inches.

For the camera phone is still receipts resolution of 5 MP with resolution 1080p video recording capability, in addition to various image processing features (auto focus etc.). Galaxy Nexus also features NFC (Near Field Comnunication). While on battery-powered 1750 mAh (hold until dg 2hari). To connect to the internet can use 4G technology (LTE or HSPA +) which can be ascertained to watch HD quality video without lag issues.
The hardware of the Nexus Galaxy is quite unique. Under his cell phone notification area are hidden, which shines with a green dot when you get a new email message, or receive misscall. The back cover is also covered with a specially designed material called "Hyper Skin" to protect it from slipping.
Here's the full feature:
  1. Android Ice Cream using the new typeface named Roboto. This is expected by the writing will look sharper and clearer.
  2. All widgets on Android Ice Cream can be resized. This is certainly very meaningful for users who often display many widgets in the home screen.
  3. In this operating system, all applications can be categorized in folders.Exactly as in iOS.
  4. Favorites Tray, users can now able to store all your most frequently used applications, links and folders into a special tray.
  5. Screenshot, users are now able to access these functions simply by pressing and hold the power button along with the volume button to capture the image.
  6. One satuh fairly sophisticated features is Face Unlock. This function can be used to unlock 'key' safety just by looking at the phone.
  7. Function browser on Android version is also enhanced. Now users can not only open up to 16 pages at a time, but also save them for later accessed offline.
  8. There are so many camera functions are enhanced, call it image stabilization, autofocus, panorama, and some photo editing features.
  9. Use of Internet data now also be monitored in Android Ice Cream Sandwich.Users can now find out what applications are voracious consumption data.
  10. System integration is said to have improved contact list. Users can now not only synchronize with the list on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and others, but also specify a list of favorite contacts, and place it in a folder that is easily accessible.

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