Upgrade to Android 2.3.6 Jellybean 4.2


Upgrade to Android 2.3.6 Jellybean 4.2

Upgrade to Android 2.3.6 Jellybean 4.2 Android is a system that made Google Inc Developer along with millions around the world with an open license aka Open Source. Android fans have a term ROM Upgrade and Downgrade ROM whether it Official and Unofficial ROM. ROM itself is stored on the system of electronic objects that have chips to store a program that can be changed when the user has the highest authority in the electronics.

Stock ROM, the original Rom is a native of the smartphone frimwere eg Android Gingerbeard new version 2.3.6 
Costum ROM is a program used to mengcostum or change the ROM of the smartphone, custum rom has advantages and disadvantages that you should consider in your ROM mengcostum . 
Excess Costum ROMs

  • Saving Thousands of applications that previously could not you Download On Google Play. This does not mean you grow capacity Rom
  • User friendly.
  • Fast and a lot of improvements over the previous version.
  • has several advantages can manage RAM prosecor and others 
Kekuragan Costum ROMs
  • Eliminating Warranty
  • Not detected by Android vendors because that makes developer
  • Brick or failure will make Bootlop.
First, prepare program Update.zip please search in google many 
 Download CMW in Google Download Costum Rom Jellyblest v3.5. input file - the file outside the folder Once the tool tool collects please backup your applications with Titanium Backup Pro or a backup program that is used to backup the application of important applications on your system. If already in backup please Log into Recovery Mode Volume up + HOME + Power Select Update From SD Card> To enter CMW Recovery> Select the file which you name Root example Update.zipsetelah completed please reboot your Smart Phone. If existing applications admistrator Super User similar to open Linux-based Android system Karnel, please turn off your phone Log into Recovery mode Vol up Home power entry Into Partition CMW select Reset, Reset cache please go to Update from sd through CMW select Rom jellyblast you download earlier. Install lasts up to 5 minutes, after rebooting your phone .. Time Boot 5-10menit when passing the time hope you hit Bootlop suspicious phone or Brick fails to boot in which the phone can not enter the menu why kegagaalan in Rom flasing my advice in case of such problems immediately Download the Install Mobile Friemwire of use Odin so my posts about Upgrade Android 4.2 Jellybean 2.3.6 to wish you more success in making and costume rom root your Android phone so thank you. How to Upgrade to Jellybean 4.2 Android 2.3.6 ONLY FOR Galaxy Y GT5360 Pocket Duos and not a series of other series if you want to have the Galaxy Y Jellybean system that has been embedded in the latest Galaxy y.