What actually function "Refresh" in Windows?


What actually function "Refresh" in Windows?

Your computer users? I'm sure one of you must have noticed that the name "Refresh" you do if right-clicking the mouse on the desktop? or in windows explorer? This option has existed there since we remember !.
But what do you know of the functions of the "Refresh" this ?, whether by clicking refresh Windows will run smoothly? What will make your windows more quickly? Or maybe you think will clear your computer's memory or RAM refresh? Hmm ... none really. What is the use of the function Desktop Refresh or Refresh Folder?

On the desktop itself no apa2 whereas in the folder already programmed to auto-refresh when changing the contents of that folder, so if there are changes to the contents of the folder will automatically refresh (refresh). but sometimes we will see the contents of the folder is not automatically refreshed.
We may need to refresh (refresh) Windows desktop in the following situations:
  1. Desktop does not display the file or folder that you just created, move, delete, save or renamed.
  2. We need to align the icons on the desktop.
  3. We find there are icons that can not be used (clicked)
  4. Files created by 3rd party applications do not appear.
  5. And the same situation as where the contents of the desktop or the folder does not change when expected.
To rectify such a situation above, can be corrected by pressing the F5 key or right-click the mouse and choose the option "Refresh". Manually refresh a desktop or folder can sort the contents of the first order folder, then file2 in alphabetical order.
Why would anyone who likes refresh Desktop constantly?
We may often notice there are computer users who like right-clicking the mouse and clicking on the "refresh" continuously, this may have become a habit or simply imitate? to refresh the desktop continuously. You may also pay attention, especially among computer technicians or IT experts are obsessed with using the option "Refresh".
What is the reason? There is no and there is no reason to do so, this is just a silly habit.
What of you who have friends who like to refresh the desktop like this? 

Probably should be advised to listen to this post, or maybe you yourself are one of them?