Auto Invite fanspage Facebook - Auto Like Facebook fanspage


Auto Invite fans page Facebook - Auto Like Facebook fans page -

If you have a facebook page fans page or certainly want a lot of people who love it. To get a lot of users like facebook, many ways to get it done much like one of them by utilizing the auto script fans page invite facebook. Auto Invite fans page Facebook is a collection of scripting or programming code that serves to invite your friends to like your page. By using this fans page auto like you do not need to invite one by one friend, because we live like facebook auto script enter this into the browser and automatically console this script would work to invite our friends to like our facebook page. How? Here we will give you step by step how to use script auto invite fans page facebook. 1. Take Script auto invite fans page facebook here 2. Next, please log into Facebook, and open fan page or Facebook page that you manage. 3. Open web "Console".

  • Users of Google Chrome, press Ctrl + Shift + J
  • Users of Mozilla Firefox, press Ctrl + Shift + K

4. Copy the script earlier, and then paste to the Console

5. Please wait a moment, until the script process is complete.

  1. 6. As a result many friends Facebookmu who liked the page that you manage :) So How multiply like fans page latest facebook, hopefully, it easier to invite friends to like you so they can reproduce the page was like on the page. 

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