Complaints Eliminate Pain In The Body With Simple Way


Complaints Eliminate Pain In The Body With Simple Way

We often experience some events so disturbing and makes us grumpy sepanja ng days hence. As one of the pillows that make neck pain and interfere with daily activities. Another thing because eventually sit for example, the legs become numb and feels like a very uncomfortable, especially when touched.

Here are some events that sometimes happen in our daily lives and how to overcome them.   In some ways sedeharna and without the need for drugs, the complaint can be overcome and you  can try it yourself at home.

Sometimes when I wake up, suddenly felt a little pain in the neck. When it feels wrong pillow, leg lift, then pull the toes and massage by turning clockwise or counter-clockwise.

When cramping left leg, raise your right hand up high. Conversely, when the right foot cramps, raise your left hand up high. By doing so, it will feel more comfortable in an instant.
FEET tingling
When your left foot tingling, swing your right palm with a vengeance. Vice versa, when the right foot experience tingling, swing your left hand with all his strength anyway.

To overcome this, he used a very simple method. You just have to raise your arms over head, and the food was going to come out of the esophagus. 

EARS take in water
when bathing or swimming sometimes ears take in water and can not get out anymore alias water trapped in the ear. This condition makes uncomfortable. To fix try jumping in place, it is expected the water ear bubble will burst and the waters will flow out by itself. Another way that has been handed down from our parents is to incorporate more water into the ear for tererangkap fishing water in the ear.

EYE intruding dust
Do dikucek-dub. Try it with closed eyes then batuklah hard, then the incoming dirt will come out ketepi eye.
Good luck and useful, if the complaint does not improve immediately contact the nearest doctor.