Do Not Drink Cold Water after Ear Meat


Do Not Drink Cold Water after Ear Meat

Do not Drink Ice After Eating Meat Goat, Drink But this ..

Nyate is eagerly awaited events in We celebrate the Eid al-Adha. Must have been imagined not delicious dish and varied dishes of processed meat goats at home. However, most people prefer to nyate or meat processing only, and do not dare to eat it because usually afraid aroma prengus mutton and also the impact of cholesterol after enjoying it. A blog tips culinary, CEO Kelana Taste Culinary, Arie Parikshit said the best way to enjoy the goat is the balancing element. According to him, there should be a balance concept every foods, including goat. "The goat meat has the heat element, so it should disembangkan with cold. Cucumber is very good especially if processed into drinks with ice, "says Arie. Not only that, kind of fresh vegetables such as tomatoes and shredded cabbage into one neutralizing good after eatinggoat." So lalapan it's not just garnish the dish, but it is a partner of goats , yes, the fresh vegetables. So it must be eaten in order to neutral again. "While other facts revealed by the cook-trained Master Chef Indonesia, Brian. According to him, after eating processed goat, you should not directly drink the ice."Processed goats are usually very fatty. When the ice into the body fat later instead clot, "said Chef Brian quoted of Okezone, Thursday (09/24/2015). He added, it can be seen such as frozen goat soup. Fats clot can be seen and usually floats and coagulates on the top. Therefore, after the consumption of goat meat, is not recommended if direct drinking ice, because fat can settle and agglomerate in the body. Chef Brian said after the consumption of a variety of processed goat, is the most appropriate drink water at ordinary temperatures. "Drinking plain water first. Wait for approximately 10-15 minutes, just deh drinking ice, "he closed. 

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