Hard Drive Cloning Method


Hard Drive Cloning Method

Cloning hard drive that is to copy all data from the hard drive master (who copied) to the hard drive is faulty. 


#Semua good device that motherboard, VGA, chip and the other should be equal. 
#Hardisk That for cloning capacity should not be smaller than in the in Cloning (master disk) 

way is as follows:

1.Pasang master hard drive to be in the cloning 
2. Place the hard drive is damaged 
3. Turn her pc 
4.Masuk terminal 
5. Use the command: ddif = / dev / sdaof = / def / sdb, and it could be with another command as follows: cat / dev / sda (disk that dicloning)> / dev / sdc (destination disk) 
6. Press enter and wait a while until the process of copying is complete. Long processing depending banyaknyadata are copied. 
7. Remove the hard drive are in Cloning and reboot your PC to try whether pengcloningngan successful or not! Supplement: The programs contained in bootable cd is divided into 14 subject, namely:

  1. Boot from HDD: run the operating system installed dalamhardisk.
  2. Hiren 's boot cd: gives 2 choices 1. directly entering the OS that is in the hard drive, or 2. implement programs that exist on a bootable cd.
  3. ERD Commander: a shadow Operating System (such INTELLIGENCE). This program is suitable for saving data on the hard drive when the operating system can not boot and must be reinstalled, so we can move all the data from being erased.
  4. Acronis Bootable Program: Software that is useful for: 1.membackup the operating system and all application programs, jadiapabila sytem existing operations have been broken we can mengembalikannyasecara perfectly with the rest of the application program without perlumenginstall operating system and applications one by one and tidakmembutuhkan driver, only this bootable cd ,Jugasangat restored a short time only 6 minutes (normally) even dipersingkatmenjadi 3 minutes (Expert). 2. mengcloning / copy system operasidari one pc to another pc, this software will save a lot of time, if we install windows and applications at 40 computer, the computer may take 30 minutes, so 30 X 40 = 1200 minutes = 20 hours, but with this software only takes 6 m X 40 = 240 minutes = 4 hours normally, even 3 m X 40 = 120 minutes = 2 hours in Expert. All of these programs run bootable without entering the OS (Windows or Linux, etc.) beforehand.
  5. Hard drive Diagnotics Tools: Software disk manager based brand hard drive (Seagate, Maxtor, Fujitsu, Samsung, etc.). For the new study do not use this computer deh, danger can later be erased data if deleted can not be sought in the trash! sueerr not lie.
  6. HDD Diagnotics & Repairs Tools: Program that serves to: 1. repair bad sectors on the hard drive, 2. improve performance ATA hard drives to be optimized.
  7. HDD Cloning and Backup Tools: a very useful program for mengcloning / copy sytem operation from pc to pc another via NETWORK, so we did not bother to open and install the hard drive on the PC one by one (if tired might hand suspected bolts , wound deh) and this greatly save time and energy (do not need supplements M150 + milk, or nails to install bebarapa bima computer, it will not run out of steam despite installing 100 computers).
  8. Hard drive Boot Manager Tools: Program to run multiple OS in the OS disk without causing conflict or program.
  9. Eraser hard drive: Program that serves delete data in the hard disk permanently, so that the data that has been deleted can not be brought back to earth (sory to the hard drive).
  10. Windows Tools, Rescue & Recovery Disk: Program to reactivate hardiks partition that has been partitioned again in the form of image, so that we can restore back the data that is important (wah kayak rescue team yes).
  11. Linuxs Tools, Rescue Disk & Boot Root: Application programs for LINUX.
  12. System Memory Diagnotics: Program to check the health of the OS (such as a psychiatrist who perform psychological tests).
  13. System Information and Hardware Information: Program to check the feasibility of software and hardware.
  14. Bios Tools: programs for optimization of bios, and bisajuga to break bios password without opening the PC casing (casing that can not be opened-open, there was a rat ntar idle).

Once again all the programs running on a bootable cd dicomputer without requiring either Windows Operating System and Linux, etc. Oh, yes! In addition to that friends do not feel disappointed before, I was informed that most of the programs in support of this bootable CD to the hard drive that uses the FAT format. Programs that support for hard drives that use the NTFS format is ACRONIS OS SELECTOR 8.0 (the 9.0 is no SNnya) and the program is also in a bootable cd.