how to create a simple virus


how to create a simple virus

I am among those who do not like lip so,, immediately wrote yes, I will share the apartment "all the way to make a computer virus that is still the simplest level. Fork bomb virus name, Fork Bomb is sebuahderetan script programming, which makes the process at the command prompt to run constantly spend CPU resources and memory computers.
Here are simple steps to create a viral Fork Bomb:
1. Open Notepad and type or copy the following script '% 0 |% 0 "(Dispose of signs she quoted).

2. Save the file with the name free up my friend ", but should have a. Bat, for example (name virus.bat).

To run the file. Bat you made to be active, just click 2x on file. To stop this virus, you may have to reboot your PC forced to return to normal. Running fork bomb will cause total CPU bottleneck. Your computer will open approximately 500 new commands prompt process. Your CPU will be overloaded and will hang.
Take it was still relatively benign virus anyway, I myself had also been trying to make it and run it on the computer kos. As a result, after I click 2x, comes the command prompt on-going and makes my PC hang total, I had to manually reboot and PC'pun back to normal (not a whim of other people, yes,,,)