How to Hack Computer IP Address Other


How to Hack Computer IP Address Other

Here will be discussed: 
1. Track the IP address of a site 
2. Real Adress track a site server 
3. How to know the IP address chatting with us 

- Discussion === == - 

1. Track the IP address of a site To find the IP address of a site, we can do a PING to the site. How: Go to the command prompt and typing -WWW.SITUS-YANG PING-DILACAK.COM- then press enter. It will appear the Ip address of the site. 

2. Track the location server (real address) of a site we can track the location of the server of a site simply by knowing the site address only.Try to open Just enter the IP address or enter the address of the site before the site and you will get complete information about the servers of the site including the location of countries and cities. 

3. Track the IP address chatting with us When we use Yahoo messenger, we can actually know the IP address of chatting with us.How:: Send a file on our chat opponent. : Then go to the Command Prompt (MSDOS) and type NETSTAT -n and press enter, then the IP address of your chat opponents (you have to send the files earlier) will appear along with the port used for sending files. :: To find the location of your chat opponents (real address) as he was on campus or in the cafe where, you live in check by using the IP address that you get. 

Tutorial Hacker Part 2:

A. Track IP address in yahoo messenger Messenger and other 

Many do not know how to show up address friend Chaitanya in Yahoo Messenger, AOL, and others, it is to do so we need tricks, different from the IRC living in whois wrote, well we just start the tutorial, first Kiri Kanan any file that you have a chat to your friends where it functions as a timing of time so that you have time to type in commands to display in areas your chat friend, suggested above 600kb, bigger was better because it will cause you a lot more time. 
 Immediately open MS- Your DOS, and then type net start -n 
will then appear in your chat friend, let alone appear as follows: 5000 +++ - >> this is ( turns after checking it belongs Graha Net, Nah ah kir NYA huh wearer messenger caught in the cafe where, well, if it is a port that 5000+ dakir imin your ama file. The purpose of this tutorial that any kind of communications the internet without the use of proxies and the like can still be tracked so easily, so I reminded to use anonymous proxies each time you surf the internet if you really want to reduce the risk of various types of tracking.

B. How to enter DOS in Windows XP that completely locked 

Many cafes that restrict access our movement in Windows such as facility DOS, Windows Explorer, settings and so on in a state we can not touch, huh, we've annoying if we were really needed this access Gue have answers How to enter in DOS on a Windows XP-paced in lock amenities: 

1. On the icon in the start menu on the desktop or right-click and select Properties 
2. In properties choose to find the target 
3. Appears above the search window and select 
4. In the Search choose "All Files and folders" 
5. Then locate the file "cmd.exe" in windows 
6. If found then run the file cmd.exe. 
7. By running the file cmd.exe then you have entered into dos If it turns 
locking actually total then you can change the Windows registry through file creation * reg with notepad / word pad, then you run the reg file *, a way to make it there Also on this page. The purpose of this tutorial so that we can move more freely warned-cafe that security is too protected so that we can not do much on that computer.

C. Penetrating public facilities are too limited windows 

Annoying if facilities MS-DOS, RUN, Find and the like removed from the desktop computer cafe, let go too BT, we wrote translucent pack this way 

1. Log into Notepad / Wordpad / Ms Word 
2. Then type the following 
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ "" SOFTWARE \ "" Microsoft \ "" Windows \ "" CurrentVersion \ "" Policies \ "" System] "DisableRegistryTools" = dword: 00000001 [ HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ "" SOFTWARE \ "" Microsoft \ "" Windows \ "" CurrentVersion \ "" Policies \ "" Explorer] "NoRun" = dword: 00000000 
3. Keep on with the file name extension * reg and then run the .reg file that you created earlier and then you restart the purpose of this tutorial for the netters who feel irritated by a computer cafe, office or the like that is where the cafe, office or other limiting access rights too much of the computer that we use.

D. How to get in on another computer through DOS (Windows XP / 2000) 

Do You want to get your friend's computer in a LAN? can see the entire contents of the hard drive of your friends, create directory, create files, delete files or anything? it's easy, all the way here. 

1. First of all, you need to know two important programs and download them internet Maniac (Internet Maniac.exe) â € | Download Internet Maniac Serves to determine address is client via the computer name / hostname KaHT (KaHt.exe) â € | Download hacker program KaHT serves as a computer program to break into the server or client Remember only the 2 program above then you get ready to master cafe / campus / office and so on, you know how? hehe, The first time you verify that your network by viewing the hostname in 2 ways. Remember only the two programs above then you get ready to master cafe / campus / office and so on, you know how? hehe After 2 program may be downloaded then Ek tract lah advance the program, either use WinZip or use anything. If already in the extract and then the first time you verify that your network by viewing the hostname in 2 ways. For Windows XP First way Go to Start then Search, then select computers or people and then select a computer on the network and then instantly click search it will soon appear computer-connected computer in the network. 

2. Creating a Windows administrator access to us through another computer administrator We want to create a Windows XP / 2000 on another computer via LAN? is very easy, just go to the destination computer with khat program has been taught above, then we would try some tricks. See guest access and administrator in Windows Type: net user see active or a guest on Windows Type: net user guest Creating an Administrator guest access with the command: Type: net local group Administrators Guest / add to build your own administrator access: 
1. Type: net user / add 
2. Type: net vocal group Administrators / add Removing administrator access type: net local group Users / delete 1. How to know the administrator password Windows - Download Proactive Windows Security Explorer