How to Hacking Facebook


How to Hacking Facebook

This article just for knowledge, I will not be responsible for the results of this paper, the causes and consequences borne hope well, anyways also result in Copas ko: p, this time method is the technique Phishing.
What is phishing? : In computing, phishing (UK: phishing) is a form of fraud which is characterized by attempts to obtain sensitive information, such as passwords and credit card, by masquerading as a person or business that is reliable in an official electronic communication, such as electronic mail or instant message , The term phishing comes from the English word fishing ('fishing'), in this case means fishing financial information and user password.
Facebook Phishing is one of the most preferred methods for hacking Facebook password. follow STEP 2 following:
  1. Download Facebook Phishers here. There are two files inside: index.html and write.php.
  2. Upload to hosting our favorite, this was possible the original web mirip2 facebook, like etc: D.
  3. Send us a link targets that we've uploaded earlier, wearing Phishers tool or email him. link (index.html)
  4. If the target we are deceived and tried to log into facebook wear on that link, then the automatic user / password will be recorded to the passes.txt file, open the file and its contents voyeur. :)

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