How To Make Money From Blogs


How To Make Money From Blogs

How To Make Money From Blogs - Agan-again bloggers want to make money with online media (using the internet) is indeed a kind of business that promise.It is not strange if a lot of friends online businesses, especially the bloggers who earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their blog. How can? Let's read this article until the end!

Perhaps many of you who became a blogger because of one thing: making money. Incidentally, I myself am a blogger that aims to create a blog that can make money, in other words that in monetization. I'll try to explain a variety of ways, ranging from the way that I've tried.

Before we get to the first way, it helps if you notice some important condition that must be met if it is to make money through your blog:

1. Make sure your blog has enough content / article
2. In addition to the content, the blog also must have a high enough traffic (better if the traffic comes from search engines)
3. must have a Niche Blog (topics) that fascinating example: health, beauty, computer, women, news, and many others.
4. Blog listed in search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
5. Have a good Alexa rank.

If the above requirements you have to fulfill, so now just how we manage our blog in order to make money.See the ways below!

1. Using PPC Advertising Services

A. Google Adsense

PPC (Pay Per Click) or CPC (Cost Per Click) is a type of advertising model that the process is that you will get paid when you display ads that are clicked by someone else, in this case, the visitor to your blog.

So far I think PPC advertising services are the most convincing is still on hold by a name that is Google Adsense. That is because Google Adsense has a level high enough price for every click. Range click to blog Indonesia could reach $ 0.3 - $ 0.5 with a particular keyword.

In addition to the click, price is relatively high, the ads displayed by Google Adsense is quite exclusive. There are also many large trading companies that advertise on the Google Adsense ads. That's why a lot of bloggers who are interested to be their publisher.

Behind all the advantages, apparently applying to Google Adsense is quite difficult. Not a few bloggers Indonesia, including me who never rejected Google Adsense 5 times until finally accepted. Lots of requirements made by them if it is to become a publisher, which in essence is as follows:
·          Your blog should have a fair amount of content / article
·          The article must not copy and paste the results (Google is not like this)
·          Your blog should have a clear Niche
·          Content articles you have should not contain elements of gambling, piracy, pornography, racial harassment and the like
If you feel it meets these criteria, then immediately Enroll your blog to Google Adsense and immediately plunge into their publisher. 

B. Klik Saya (Local PPC)

In addition to PPC from Google, there is also local PPC that you can try. Incidentally, I've tried to use the services of This could be another alternative for you if you are rejected or not yet meet the requirements to participate in Google's PPC.  

Kliksaya own opening price of a click from a range of Rp 300 - Rp 850 per click. Payment method used was easier because it can be through a local bank transfer in Indonesia. This type of advertising that is displayed can be text and banner. Here is an example of Klik Saya form of advertising.

To become a publisher of Klik Saya, you must also meet the requirements specified. No need to fear, because the specified requirements are not so difficult that must have 10,000 pages views per month.

C. Adsense came (Local PPC)

Adsense came also a Local PPC services that are not much different from Klik Saya. Adsense came itself has an office in Yogyakarta Pioneer Road area. In contrast to Klik Saya, the price of those clicks revolved Rp.300 Adsense came.

To register for PPC services is not required severe conditions. In fact, I tried registering a new blog and successfully accepted as their publisher.

2. Running Affiliate Program

Before we talk any further let me explain first what the Affiliate. Affiliate is one of the online business models that business activity is to be as an intermediary or broker. Actually, such a model already exist in the offline world, but only his method are made online. So the name was changed to Affiliate. Examples like this easy. There is a large online store that sells various types of products. They apply the model to the Affiliate for bloggers who are willing to become a publisher.Incidentally, I become them and my publisher to show their ads on my blog. They do not pay anything, even if the ad had me put on my blog . But I will only be paid if there is a visitor of my blog who clicked on the ad and then BUY their products, I purposely give capital letters. Key words here are BUY, so the visitors who click on ads that you install must BUY their products first and then you paid Payment model dispute Affiliate often as commission. Commission usually ranges from 8% -20% of the selling price of the product. This could be more profitable than PPC models if the price of the product is more expensive. But surely it is also difficult to you. If you are interested in following this Affiliate program, I got some names below:

·          ZALORA Affiliate 
·          Scholastic Affiliate 
·          Blessing Herbs
·          Amazon Affiliate

3. Opening Stalls Banner

I think this way is pretty much done by blogger friends.If the model of PPC and Affiliate using a third party as an intermediary, then with our own models that set the start of the placement of banner ads to issue payments.

But to be able to apply this method in your blog, you must have a sale value first. How do you know? The most trivial way enough you can see from the number of visitors per day and Alexa rank you have. If you think you have enough, then you can put a banner stall .. Examples like this: 

Suppose, for the size of 125 x 125 banner ad you provide 5 pieces with a charge of 50,000 a month. Then you also create an ad with a size of 720 X 60 at a cost of 200.000 per month and the last one ad size 330 x 280 4 units at a cost of Rp. 100,000 per month. When calculated then in a month you will get Rp.850.000. 

This price may be more expensive, followed by the development of your blog visitors. So you can get maximum revenue from this model.

I think the above ways still a little of the various means used by fellow bloggers monetize all in his blog. So if you have any other way that you think is more effective, you can share in the comments field . Thank you for reading the article  How to Get Money From Blog.

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