How to Measure Internet Speed


How to measure internet access. When using the Internet, sometimes we want to know how the speed of our connection obtained from the internet service provider or other ISPs. The gantengers, for menegetahui speed internet access that we are using is very easy, as long as we are connected to an Internet network. This time we will discuss three ways to measure the speed of an internet access that we use.

1.  To download files of a certain size

This method is easy, we need to do is download a file of a certain size. Downloading a file can use an application such as Internet download manager. Data transfer speeds will be seen in the windows application that we use to download.

However, using this method is not very accurate because it depends on the speed of access to the server where we download a file.

2.  Using the websites bandwidth speed test

Mengguankan sits with a speed test, we are not only able to measure the speed of data transfer (download data) but also the speed of data upload and ping (speed feedback from the server). This method is more accurate than the first way
 Make sure you are connected to an Internet network provider that we use.
-  Go to the site speed test click here
-  Then it will comes across the display as shown below

-  Click begin test
-  Then the test will meenguji kecepatanakses speed internet that we are using
-  Display test results just as below

From the figure can be seen the download speed, upload speed and ping (speed feedback from the server)

3.  Using a software DU meter

DU meter software is software that is paid to a variety of uses. But do not worry, for measuring the speed of internet access and simply use fersi trial or free. By using a trial version in addition to measuring the speed of Internet access we also analyzed the onternet network security and monitor bandwidth usage of your computer.