How To Overcome Slow Without Android Applications


How To Overcome Slow Without Android Applications

For lovers of Android, Android probably already as a life partner. Everywhere, you definitely can not be away from the name Android. Well, but what if suddenly your Android so slow and very slow? All your online activity definitely be disturbed right? After a long time you must also be upset because of this problem. But, you do not worry. Here we will present how to overcome the slow Android without application. What to do? Consider the following yuk.

Do not use excessive widget

Widget does have a function that allows us to get to the desired application with just one touch. But, widgets too much it can degrade the performance of Android that led to Android so slow.So, for you who like to install lots of widgets on the homescreen, you should erase deh. 

Do not use the application launcher

Iya deh, application launcher can make your Android look so much more interesting and nice views. However, the use of the application launcher was also hamper the performance of Android. This was caused by the incompatibility of the Android launcher application settings you so that takes up a lot of memory capacity. Well this could make Android so slow.

Selection longer existing applications on your Android

The main advantages of Android is to have a lot of applications that you can download for free of charge in PlayStore. Well, it is that memmbuatmu install many applications on your Android. But, if the applications in the Android-mu too much, of course it can devour memory capacity and a major cause of Android so slow. Therefore, seleksilah again which application you use, and you often need. You do not need, better uninstall it so that your Android can breathe easily.

Turn off Live Wallpaper

Who likes to wear Live Wallpaper. Sure can enhance the display. But, live wallpaper can make a memory and battery wasteful. So, better turn off this feature yaa.

Restart Android

Android could slow because rarely restarted. Well, you can restart your android now. Oh yes, it could be restarted after performing the steps of the foregoing yes.

Well, that was some way to overcome slow Android without application. Hopefully the tips and tricks Android is beneficial for you yaa.