One Cup Drinking Milk for Health


One Cup Drinking Milk for Health

Humans only need to drink milk until the age of 2 years and that too only from breastfeeding.According to dr. Shot Tan Yen, a physician observer nutrients, milk is only suitable as a "food between" when infants are not able to chew and digest. The human digestive enzymes to digest the milk begins to shrink at the age of 2-3 years.

In fact so many dairy products on the market that is served with a variety of additional formulas intended according to the type of age and for specific needs. Ranging from infant formula for infants up to the elderly, as well as milk for calcium. Which offers us with a variety of health insurance if you consume dairy products.

Milk used as raw material in dairy products sold in the market generally comes from cows. And did you know that cow's milk is not at all suitable for humans.Cow's milk is only suitable for cattle, the composition of cow's milk only for making children fat cow, big boned, not too good.Cow's milk naturally not at all suitable for humans, but nonetheless forced to fit for humans to perform the sterilization process to eliminate bacteria in the cow's milk, but this sterilization process it will ruin all the nutrients contained in the milk. Matching cow's milk for children's intelligence by adding amino acids in cow's milk that poor nutrition. Though the child's intelligence is closely related to Early Initiation of Breastfeeding, the time in which children instinctively crept to finding the nipple, mengintegritaskan intelligence first. So is that the cholesterol of cow's milk are high does not make human obesity and rising cholesterol, done making processes of fat called with skim term. Unfortunately, not only of cholesterol that causes obesity, lactose or milk sugar and acidity also actually make bones more brittle.

Milk is not the only source of calcium to prevent bone loss, meeting calcium requirements can still be obtained from vegetables such as lettuce bowl (iceberg lettuce). Calcium in milk in addition to breast milk is not known by the human body that will actually harm our health by causing thickening of blood vessel walls. All milk also contains lactose, sucrose or corn syrup as a sweetener in addition, not to mention the use of Flavor (taste synthetic) milk can lead to addiction and when consumed in excess will cause problems of excess carbohydrates. Can you imagine how the process of making milk through a phase of skim, add formulas certain processed from liquid into a powder and can be made ​​liquid again, certainly through a chemical process. Drinking milk is not the only way to be healthy, better nutrition by consuming ingredients derived from nature such as fruit and vegetables.dr. Shot Tan Yen is known as a physician in the delivery of ideas often make interesting analogies, with expressive delivery style, expression and intonation theatrical; sometimes harsh and cynical, sometimes hilarious, sometimes soft. Practice room wall patch net of drug advertising. do not treat the patient as a prisoner, but as human beings who have the power to be critical. Certainly the opinion of dr. Shot Tan Yen is in need of more in-depth study and should be supported by facts and scientifically valid research. The real concern is the mindset of the people he is too men'dewa'kan formula, though many alternatives other foods that can replace milk as a source of nutrients without having to force myself to buy formula price is relatively expensive.