Overcoming Android Memory Full Even Already Uninstall Applications


Overcoming Android Memory Full Even Already Uninstall Applications

Increasing number of interesting applications it often makes us do not realize that Android memory is limited. Not to mention the sophistication of the camera that makes us to always take pictures. Well, because these things often Android memory suddenly so full. As a result, inevitably, and we must be willing not willing to delete multiple files including the uninstall some applications. But strangely, despite deleting files and uninstall the application, Android memory still fairly full. If this was definitely become dizzy right?

But still, there are some tips and tricks Android to address this issue. Some way is as follows:

Clean up the application cache

Cache in android application is data that each application is stored in the internal memory Android. This cache is used to make applications run faster. But cache is what always makes Android so full of internal memory, and therefore you have to clean it. The trick is as follows:
  1.  Go to 'Settings' (Settings)
  2.  Select the 'Application' (Application)
  3.   Select 'Manage Applications' (Manage Application)
  4.  Select the application you want to delete its cache
  5.  After that press the 'Delete Cache'. (Clear Cache)

Remove folder .thumbnail

The next way is to delete the folder .thumbnail. So this .thumbnail folder is a folder that contains duplicate photos in the gallery. Even if you've deleted your picture, but copies remain. Well folders that make Android so the memory is full. For that you need to remove it.The trick is as follows:
  1. Open File Manager
  2.  Select the internal memory
  3. Open the DCIM folder
  4.  Well, later in this DCIM folder, you will find a folder .thumbnail. You can simply delete the folders or open a folder and select all the photos to be removed.
Oh yes, even though it has been deleted, this folder will eventually reappear as you leafed through your gallery. But still, you can remove them again and again. Hehe.

Move Android application to External Memory / SD Card

Yes, you can move applications from internal memory to external memory so that the memory 
  1. Go to 'Settings' (Settings)
  2. Select the 'Application' (Application)
  3.  Select 'Manage Applications' (Manage Application)
  4. Select the application you want to move
  5. Press Move To SD Card
Oh yes, the disadvantage of this method is that not all applications can be transferred to the internal memory.

Delete the file Sent WhatsApp

If you have WhatsApp on Android applications, do not be surprised if the internal memory of Android so quickly filled. WhatsApp application is indeed suck memory capacity is large enough. You can disable the auto download feature that not all images are sent to you will be downloaded. In addition, there is a hidden folder that without you knowing it makes internal memory 

  1. Open File Manager
  2. Select Internal Memory and select the folder WhatsApp
  3.  Then select Media - WhatsApp Image - Sent.
  4. Well this is the Sent folder that you must delete. This folder merupajan the repository of files that we send to friends within the application WhatsApp.

Well that was four ways that you can try to overcome the internal memory is full Android.May be useful!