Pohtoshop Tutorial


Hay,,,, on this occasion I will share about photo editing tutorial,, and here I will explain how to create fire effects man ,, to know of any figures 1 fantastic 4 alias Jhonny sister Susan Strom storm ,, certainly dunk friend "Italian to dah yuk,, gk just need lengthy he,,,,, he ... ..ki ... ..dot.

1. Open the photo you want to edit (suggestion: Untuk beginners are advised to take photos easily used) here I put down that smack fighter Jhon Cena

2. Once opened, give effect curves on the photo, how to press wrote Ctrl + M. and set as shown below

3.Beri neon glow effects to photos (how: Filter> Artistic >> Neon Glow) and adjust the fit of your seller.

4.Atur picture becomes desaturate (how: image> adjustmens or Ctrl + Shift + U).

5.Kita set pencahayaanya with brightness & contrast (how: Image> Adjustment >> brightness / contrast) and set according to the needs Dungan image you use.

6.Duplicate layer (how: Layer> Duplicate Layer >> ok or Ctrl-J, make sure the active layer adult layer duplication hassle earlier and later give a glowing effect edges (How: Filter> Stylize >> glowing edges) provided as shown below or according to your creations

7.Ubah blend mode from normal to screen

8.Buat flames with his tool smudge tool,, hands meng gem gam logo and index fingers, leaving only,, then brush the side of his picture, oo yes neatness of his affecting blaze

9.Beri Gaussian Blur effect (how: Filter> Blur >> Gaussian blur) arrange for a radius of only 1.1

10.Biar better results,, we add just accesoriesnyawith lens flare (how: filter> render >> lens flare) and set in place in accordance with the drawings and the eyes to make it look like the glowing eyes.

11.Ubah color picture into a grayscale (how: image> grayscale) law trust da dialog box click Ok, men sich a baseball da changes in the picture but the clay layer yes definitely stay 1 with the layer 3.

12.Ubah longer is indexed color (how: image> indexed color) near look no dialogue to tag just click,, near flatten the layer turns into the index name and logo lock

This 12.Nah Diana final touch or turn on the flames,,, how to stay toasty aja,, er flame definitely slash way better in click image> color table >> change its mode into a black body

And created fire man fantastic 4 ,,, so if being my friends wanted to be fire man do not need exposure to cosmic SINas enough with adobe photoshop wrote .............

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