Ten Benefits Skin Eggs You Do not Know


Ten Benefits Skin Eggs You Do not Know

If you are a connoisseur of eggs, you may have spent a lot of eggs in a week. Egg has become one of the most abundant protein sources in the consumption of the whole society.Diverse types of processed eggs to make eggs very well known and included in the mandatory menu almost every household. What is often overlooked is the egg shell. Without thinking twice we usually discard the eggshells into the trash. In fact it turns out eggshells save a lot of benefits that we can use for various purposes. So, do not waste your egg shell before reading this article.

Here are ten usability shell egg shells are not yet widely known.

1. Mask facial skin fasteners from eggshells

Wash and dry the eggshell, then finely crushed using a mortar or pestle into a powder. Mix powdered egg shell with the egg white and apply on face and wait until dry. Rinse your face and feel the difference.

2. Making abrasive cleaners kitchen appliances from eggshells

Use eggshells that have been destroyed (but not to a powder) mixed premises n soapy water to clean the bottom of the pots and pans. This solution can also be used to clean the inside of the container by means enter the solution and shake. Household appliances you will be clean again.And of course, this solution is environmentally friendly.

3. The shell eggs for cleaning sewer

Eggshells could be used to clean the drain in the sink. Enter the eggshells that have been crushed into the water discharge pipe, dirt on the pipe wall will be able to be cleaned by the egg shells.

4. Egg shells can be used to help the growth of the seed

Fill the empty egg shells with soil and planting seeds you want to plant into it. Place the seed shell contains the above cardboard egg tray and leave to seed your crops grow. When quite ready, move the seedlings into the ground for enlargement. Let eggshell seedlings planted together.

5. Use eggshells to reduce the bitter taste of coffee

If your coffee tasted too bitter, simply add eggshells are clean and dry into a coffee filter. Egg shells contain calcium carbonate, a compound capable of neutralizing the acidity of coffee reduces the bitter and sour taste in coffee.

6. Eggshells accelerate composting

Eggshells were able to accelerate the process of decomposition of compost. Calcium contained in the egg shell is needed in composting. For better results, add coffee grounds from point 5 into the natural fertilizer mixture.

7. Getting rid of slugs and snails from the garden with eggshell

Sprinkle the egg shells that have been crushed into your garden to prevent slugs and snails and worms, gnaw the stem of the plant. It turns out reindeer also hated the smell of the egg shell.

8. The shell eggs for drug irritation

Use apple cider vinegar to dissolve the eggshell (this process takes up to two days), the egg shell that has been dissolved in the apple cider vinegar can be applied around the irritation of the skin to accelerate the healing process.

9. Benefits eggshell membrane layer

Membrane or a thin layer on the inside of eggshells it also has many benefits for treatment.

  • To treat ulcers, place the egg shell membrane to a boil. In a few days will heal ulcers.
  • Eggshell membrane can also be used to clear blackheads and pimples.
  • Place the wet side of the membrane on small cuts or scrapes and let dry. This will speed up the process of healing and scarring minimal an.
  • If the skin on the side you do not accidentally chipped nails, glue side of the egg shell membrane wet and let dry. It can stop the pain and accelerate healing.

10. Change the eggshell into the mold

Make a small hole at the two ends of the egg and blow the contents of the egg out of the shell.Wash thoroughly. Close the small hole bottom shell with masking tape and fill the shell with hot chocolate or jelly and gelatin. Guest when you visit, suguhkan eggs, they will get a shock when peeling eggs.