This will Happen If You Stop Drinking Cold Water


This will Happen If You Stop Drinking Cold Water

Who does not like to drink a cold drink? especially when the scorching heat and thirst was unbearable, cold drinks will be our first choice to relieve thirst. But apparently, freshness drinking cold water is not always good for our health. The cold water will indeed relieve thirst but it can also inhibit the metabolism process and makes the body more susceptible to disease. Then what would happen if we stopped drinking cold water and prefer to drink warm water? Experts say drinking hot or warm much more beneficial than drinking cold water. Here's the amazing things will happen to you when to stop drinking cold water and replace it by drinking warm water.

1. You will sweat

When the scorching heat, your body will sweat. Sweat is needed to keep the body cool. Researchers at the University of Ottawa found evidence that leads to the advantage of warm water to drink. They found that cold drinks are not enough to make athletes sweat needed to cool the body. Warm drinks will make you sweat which will accelerate the cooling of your body temperature. The Indians who travel a lot by train have long known this secret. They will always be present along with the warm food hot sweet tea. During the day, the temperature outside and inside the railway carriage reaching 45 ° C! "I bloody Indians, too bloody England. Millions of Indians can not be wrong. They drink hot tea in hot weather." - Madhulika Sikka, producer of Morning Edition.

2. You will reduce the risk of diabetes

A study by the American Diabetes Association says that if you drink a cold drink during the day, it would increase the consumption of sugar because it is usually cold drinks (other than plain water) has a carbohydrate excess. For example, a can of fruit juice drinks, soda, iced tea , energy drinks, or sports drinks can contain 150 calories and 40 grams of carbohydrates. This is equivalent to the carbohydrates contained in 10 teaspoons of sugar. So naturally, the value will skyrocket your blood sugar.

3. You will be more friendly

It's strange but true, refers to research at the University of Colorado Boulder. They asked participants to judge someone while holding a cup of hot coffee in his hand and compared with when holding a can of cold coffee. They do not know that holding drinks are part of this test. The results show when the person holding the hot drink, they tend to have a more positive perception of the generosity and empathy of others. Unfortunately during a job interview, you can not serve a cup of hot coffee to your testers. If they could, they would be more empathetic and able to capture your potential.

 4. You will be free of coughs and colds

When you cough, runny nose, no drinks better than a cup of tea or coffee warm. When you drink a cold drink while flu, a glass of iced tea will not help your recovery. Let's look at a scientific explanation. Some researchers at Cardiff University, UK tried to find out the reasons behind it. They give apple and strawberry juice to the participants. Both drinks were served in the form of hot and room temperature. The results show both the selection of drinks effectively reduce the symptoms of coughs and colds but drink served in a warm state have turned out better. There may be psychological reasons of this study, but the researchers also showed physical effects. They found that the sweetness in hot conditions it triggers the release of morphine-like substances in the brain that causes a sense of comfort and less pain. Another indisputable fact turns the heat increases the flavor drinks.

5. Your body metabolism will increase

Many nutritionists recommend drinking warm water while eating when you're on a diet. Chinese people do this all the time and they are always surprised to see people who drink cold water during meals. Although it seems the hot water is not a wise choice when you're eating, but it turns out the hot water can stimulate the pleasure center in the brain. According to Dr. Michael B. Wald, Director of Nutrition Services in Mount Kisco, hot water can also help increase your metabolism.

6. You will be better protected from infection

Each drink hot or warm water must have gone through before the cooking process, which means healthier. The reason, the boiling water will sterilize bacteria and germs in the water. The advantage, by drinking boiled water to help reduce mucus in the nose.

7. Digestion you will be healthier

There is much debate about whether cold water or other drinks will slow down the digestive process.Indian herbal treatment methods - Ayuverda support the use of hot water while eating as a solution to cure the poor digestion or nausea. But until now there has been no scientific evidence on which to base the hypothesis. But researchers at the University of Maryland have shown that if you drink hot ginger tea during meals will help digestion. "Since a few years ago, I recommend drinking ginger tea in my heart patients to overcome the nausea and indigestion them." Dr. Sinatra, Cardiologist.

8. You will avoid tooth decay

All sodas and iced teas contain a lot of sugar that will interact with your teeth. Sugar will trigger the formation of a kind of acid that can damage tooth enamel. By avoiding all cold beverages in cans, you do not have to brush your teeth after every drink. As you can see, if possible, it is much better to avoid cold drinks and choose hot or warm drink for the sake of our health. Source: