Tips Way Accelerate Charger Mobile


Tips Way Accelerate Charger Mobile

These days, mobile phones are part of the basic human needs of modern, life without their mobile phone balance will be slightly disturbed? : p 
Especially if handphonenya lowbat, It is already very common in today where there is hardly any smartphone that can last more than one day. But it will be a problem when we're needed in quick time.Many are looking for a quick way to charge the phone, and JalanTikus will share tips charge hp up to 2 times faster.

Tips HP Accelerates Time Charge

usb chargerYou can charge your hp via USB on a computer or laptop, but it will not speed up the process even tend to slow down. Always use the electricity directly through the outlet.

charger adapterFor example, you have a charger with output 1A but when you want to go faster again make sure you use a charger with output greater than 1A, eg charger with output 2A, would be faster.

charger wireJalanTikus never discussed the differences in data cables with cable charge where the quality of thecharge of the data cable is lower than the cable can only charge. So to speed it up should you have a cable charge special.

Which makes the charge into the longer is the phone is used for chatting, browsing, games and so on. If you want more quickly, put in place the hard and cold like a table or the floor, do not be in a soft and can absorb heat like a bed or sofa. Additionally leave your hp battery charge without being used. The four tips above you can prove directly. Good luck! 

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