What's Bad Sector


What's Bad Sector

Bad Sector is Damage In Computer hard drive components or the like.Resulting hard drive can not function as a storage area. Bad Sector, there are two (2) types: Soft and Hard Bad Sector Bad Sector
Soft Bad sector Bad Sector is the extent of the damage can still be considered mild.  Soft bad sectors can be improved by using the default software from Windows, the 'chk disk'. Here's how to fix bad sectors hard disk using the 'chk disk':

     >> Open Windows Explorer (press the Windows + E on the keyboard)

      >> Right Click On The drive will be checked select Properties, then section 'Tools' tab and then on the error checking select 'Check now'.

      >> Check both options and select 'Start'.

        >> After that your computer will restart.  The process of checking the damage this could take quite a long time, therefore, it is recommended you use this feature when the computer is not being used.

Another of soft bad sectors, Hard Bad Sector very dangerous. Because Hard Bad Sector can not be reversible. By because I will share tips for preventing Hard Bad Sector, among others the following

>>          Make sure your computer stays cool temperature and clean of dust that sticks.
          << If necessary use and set schedules Fan Additional cleaning the computer.
>>          Turn off the computer with the correct process.
          << Deadly Computers should not be done when it is not forced as it may lead to the termination of the current or data arrived - arrived.
>>         Use quality PSU to keep the currents are undesirable from PLN.
>>          Avoid shocks on the computer or laptop to prevent head crash.
>>         Use antivirus is always updated to protect computers from malware attacks.
>>          Use a disk defragmenter software to prevent bad sectors.

Well, that's how to fix the hard disk for bad sectors and tips to prevent it.