What to Do When You Hated


What to Do When You Hated

Hatred against a negative habit certainly very good to continue. But what if hatred instead make ourselves judged as negative personal, immediately look for the reason why we have to deal with these conditions. In addition, the problems often encountered regarding hate is when people hate us, what should we do to get out of a situation like it. Introspection, apologizing would be a decision mutlak.Tapi after what we do and it is not also eliminate the hatred of others towards us, let alone the things that should be done?

There are several things that could be a consideration for us to be: 1. How Important We ThinkingWe can see or feel the person's level of hatred that is addressed to us. If hatred has been widened to slander so that other people come away from us, it is important for us to straighten out and not say anything. But if the problem is felt no need to be addressed, it should be quiet and still be as good as usual. 2. Where Problems Originated Who exactly are problematic in this regard, we or he?Which became a benchmark to determine where the source of the hatred comes from is the attitude of the people around us. When only one who hates us were still a lot of support of others towards us, he may indeed have a problem with us. But when people around are also many who hate us, means the source of the problem is in ourselves.

Why I Hated

3. Immediately Introspection
attitude that always selfish self-centered could be the source of the problem why we are hated.People who are self-centered are usually more vulnerable to what other people say to them and have difficulty in dealing with others. 
If this attitude that is in us, then immediately introspection to change your attitude so easily accepted others. 4. Can We Turn Hate? Hatred met with hatred will only aggravate the situation and conflict will never be completed. All you need do is to forget and forgive the incident - the source record hatred does not come from ourselves. Suppose hatred of that person as a compliment to us the wrong way. 5. Facing Problems Remain Strong It is no fun to be in a position as a person who constantly hated. During the action we are doing is right, then we do not need to provide a portion of the mind that will only make us down. Be personally powerful. If someone hates us and influence others to participate hate us, show our mental strength so that those who hate us will feel tired and desperate and stop hating us. To forgive or apologize is the best way to defuse the hostilities. With broad-mindedness and mutual understanding that hatred can be immediately eliminated.Inspiration: Motivation Magazine Extraordinary