About SERP, snippets or as we see in the results of Google


 About SERP, snippets or as we see in the results of Google

Every time someone does a search on Google receives dozens of pages of results.Own experience tells us that the user rarely happens in the first two; That being generous, because it is common to stay on the first page. The search results page of a search engine is known as SERP (Search Engine Results Page) .
Here is a Google SERP.
Usually a SERP has ten search results, at least in Google . Marrow, which in the best case, a web will have to compete with another nine to capture the interest of the user. And what makes the user decides to enter one or the other? Well, imagine you're at a party and you have to choose dance partner. Most likely, then let yourself be guided by appearances.Because, unfortunately, appearances matter however much the Disney films insist on the contrary-and more on the Internet. So how a website on the SERPdetermine where a user enters it or not.
Each result of Google is displayed as a snippet . A snippet has at least the following elements (from top to bottom):
  • Page title
  • Link to the page
  • Page description
So you could say that the snippets are our calling card in the SERP . Perhaps the content of your page is as good as Don Quixote, but if you have a good snippets probably few people entered it through Google .
How is that being a good snippet?
If I may pidieseis answer with one word I would say a good snippet has to be descriptive. Let's look at this example:
Snippets The Health Blog
It's not pretty? Anyone who sees this snippet know what you will find when you enter the page.Clearly, this is a health blog page and it talks about lupus, there are few types of lupus and the symptoms of the disease are. Very descriptive, right?
However, what do you think of this one snippet ?:
snippet bad
Could anyone tell me what is spoken on this page? I do not think I can match with the search of anyone. Maybe your content is very interesting, but the mere fact of having a snippet as "scruffy" would throw back to anyone.

Final Words

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