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Become a test to find out which ADSL contract for your home

More and more households have ADSL connection, and increasingly companies offer more advanced products that include services like telephony, Digital TV, or the latest, combined with mobile telephony. We are moving towards a market complex and complete products which will provide theoretically savings for the average customer.
Save on ADSL is easy if three basic rules are followed: 
- Know our own monthly consumption
- Know how many devices have at home connectable via WiFi
- Know the market to see what offers are best. 
As in all that relates to savings, know each other better helps achieve a relationship between product and price that is perfect for our pocket.  Then we will see some ways to take full advantage of our ADSL finding the best solution for compromise between price and performance, that is, how to know what connection it run better and the lowest price possible, so as not to squander the money in installments of products that can not take advantage.
The first is that not hire any high-speed connection if it is impossible to receive a good signal in your home . The distance between the central office and your home is the key to whether a company can offer you a fast connection. If it comes to traditional ADSL, 3 km away can mean receiving 40% of the original signal, hopefully. If optical fiber is another matter because the signal is not affected by distance.

Many 'megas' in the offer does not mean you have a better connection

On this we must keep in mind that is not always better fee with many 'mega' because what really matters is the quality of the signal: that our router synchronize at a rate as close as possible to the contractor, who did not suffer excessive interference and suffer no line breaks frequently. Sometimes we get tempted by a connection of more than 10 Mbps, but in reality we're not going to take any extra match. Why?
The reason depends, as anticipated earlier, our use of the ADSL line . If we live alone and connect one or two devices to the WiFi network, if we do not squeeze connection with massive downloads of files, music streaming and video conferencing, if not often play online games and, above all, if we do more of these things simultaneously, a "poor" 10 Mbps, or even 6 Mbps, will give us exceptional service.
This is because when we connect to a server for a web page to chat or talk to unburden a file are not taking advantage of all the 10 Mbps download speed. That is, to see it another way, we can imagine the ADSL connection like a big tube that fit small simultaneous downloads. We can unburden two files at 100 kbps and simultaneously and browsing streaming of music that we must not slow down the connection.
The plot thickens when we connect two or more Smartphone, tablet or laptop and all at once begin to download information, files, streaming, ... then yes we have problems because surely those initial 10 Mbps bit since we left to deliver . 
In this scenario we think that maintaining save 10 Mbps, but we fall short in service.It's time to find a better choice, depending, again, on the distance to the center and the options available, you can value a ADSL2 + connection (more sensitive to distance and interference), a cable connection or a connection fiber optics, more reliable, which suffers less interference and more nominal speeds can give today. Of course, you pay a price for it.

Final Words

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