Best free antivirus for PC 2016


Best free antivirus for PC 2016

Surely you already have an antivirus installed on your PC. Or at least it should be. Perhaps you think the Windows default antivirus is sufficient, but it is not.  Microsoft Security Essentials  offers basic protection, but incomplete. Some independent tests indicate that lets 1 in 10 threats, it seems clear that it is important to have the extra protection of a good antivirus either paid, or one of the best free antivirus for PC here we show .
With a good antivirus superior braking Rush major malware, but we must not lower our guard.The malware mutates constantly evolving, and antivirus do the same. Every year there is one or another that stands out from the others, so it  is good practice to change your antivirus from time to time , to test their virtues or detect different types of malware. After all, all that we will offer here are free ...
There is always a dilemma about using antivirus free or paid. A few months ago we published an article in which we explained  the differences between an  antivirus gratuit or payment and another 
Basically, the free antivirus will stop known viruses , but have problems when trying to detect new and unknown malware. And many of them are financed by selling statistical information to third parties such as AVG own contract certifies in its use.

Still are efficient tools that will block most threats that  use the same engine as the paid versions , though cutting extra features. So it is highly recommended to install one, if you've given up the payment.

Here is a list with the best free antivirus for PC or computer . Maybe protection against viruses and malware is not as complete as that offered payment, but keep your computer free from infection and, best of all, without spending a euro, totally free. But before that, it is important to consider some key issues.

Traditional, or in the cloud?

Some current antivirus work in the cloud, rather than on the local computer. This results in some differences in the use and maintenance, but not the results. Both models are equally efficient.
Traditional antivirus is installed as a program and must be updated almost daily by downloading new virus definitions. This process is usually automatic, so not a major problem.

The antivirus cloud work in a server security company, rather than on your PC . This has the advantage that you do not need to update them because they are always updated on the remote server itself. But usually they work slightly slower.
Otherwise both perform similar checks and work the same. So do not choose one or the other for their performance, but by its quality.

An antivirus is not enough

Years ago it was enough to install an antivirus to keep your PC safe from any threat. Today you must accompany it with  one software Antitrojans  style  Malwarebytes Antimalware, and disk cleaner like  CCleaner  or equivalent, which erases cookies and history, and preserves your privacy. Some antivirus you include one of these extra protections (or both), but not all.
Remember also  perform complete checks with the antivirus at least once a week to detect any malicious software that could be cast without raising the alarm.
In this article we collect  the best free antivirus for PC . If you want a good antivirus for mobile, check out this video:

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