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 SEO for poor: The best SEO tools FREE

Everyone has happened to us.
We want to improve the SEO of our site.
Or simply make an SEO audit.
But free tools are bad ... or are free mium payment ... and are very expensive.



There are many SEO tools out there that, although freemium or 100% free, can help a lot.

It all depends on what the want to use and what you will use both.

Obviously you can not expect me to have very powerful tools and unlimited free, unless they are specific to Bing or Google.

The internet world is altruistic, but not both.
Free SEO Tools
Still, we will give you the best free alternative to SEO tools that can tell you the very useful. We treat many tools and do not want to overdo ds hours reading this article, we will not give too much detail on each tool.

If in doubt, leave us a comment below and we will answer gladly. :)

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Free Web Crawler

Screaming Frog SEO Spider

It is one of the most popular precisely because being free crawlers. While it is limited to track up to 500 URLs unless you pay for the version full  of software, it is quite achiever and not allowed to have a fairly clear idea of many things such as:
  • Titles and goals from the pages analyzed
  • broken links
  • Redirects you had not detected
  • URLs blocked by robots.txt
And more.
In general, it is very useful to understand a little better if you are tracking the search engine robots is what you expect it to be.

Xenu Link Sleuth

This is a less varied but very well made tool. It is simply responsible for analyzing an entire Web site by analyzing the status of each of its links, looking for those that can be broken.
Is considered the best tool for broken links is very useful for SEO. Analyzes even the state of outbound links to ensure you're not linking to pages that no longer exist.
Its biggest drawback is, if I'm not mistaken, it only works on Windows.

Beam Us Up

Another crawler SEO much more like Screaming Frog that Xenu.
A comprehensive SEO tool that tracks your entire site without voluntary limitations of the first mentioned in this list.
As they discussed, the only limitation is the need to track your hardware.
Tracking Beam Us Up lets you find duplicate pages, titles, descriptions, in addition to group all by type of error it encounters, which greatly facilitates the analysis.
It also allows export to Google Drive and Excel.

Free SEO audit


Despite being a not too advanced tool it is completely free and as a basic reference can be considered dutiful.
This tool makes an analysis only you give the page (not the entire site) and analyzes the onsite SEO and gives suggestions how to improve them in a somewhat superficial.
In the analysis of the page you will find things how are you:
  • Titles, description and goals
  • Ratio Text / HTML
  • Using labels H1, H2, H3, etc.
  • Images and Alt attributes
  • internal and external links
  • social cues
  • Using Sitemaps and robots.txt
Among other things. It also allows you to export the report to PDF. One detail to note is that, at least today, this tool is not able to detect domains with "rare" TLDs such as ours;

SEO Site Checkup

Personally I find this tool more advisable than the previous one, but also brings some drawbacks and limitations when used for free.
Its great advantage is that, plus it has a lot of points to be analyzed, allows you to analyze them individually, rather than necessarily having to make a comprehensive analysis of the page.
These are just some of the things you can discuss:
  • common keywords or keyword cloud
  • URL canonicalization and canonical tags
  • Deprecated HTML tags
  • broken links
And much more. The only downside is that the more you use, the longer it takes to give results, seeking to pass you to the paid version.

Load time and site speed

Google Page Speed ​​Test

Page Speed ​​Insights
Page Speed ​​Insights
It is, of course, one of the most important tools to analyze site speed from the point of view of SEO as being typical of Google, we can assume that if Google believes that your site is going well, then everything else " does not matter".
This tool analyzes the speed of the sites from desktop and mobile, telling you what you should be corrected to optimize each of the cases. Normally we see mistakes as CSS or JS locks that make the page load slower, lack of compression code and images, minification, etc.


Pingdom speed Anaisis
Pingdom speed Anaisis
This is one of the most popular tools for testing site speed. It is and has always been free and it's very good to know in detail cascading whole process of loading your page and know specifically what takes longer to load so you can correct.

Mobile optimization

Mobile-friendly test

Test optimization for mobile Google
Test optimization for mobile Google
Know if your site is optimized for mobile is usually quite easy, but mostly it is clear you will not need anything but Google's own tool, which must have been particularly successful during the time of chaos generated by the event "Mobilegeddon" .
It is a very basic tool. You are either optimized or not, no values ​​or ratings.
The same applies for the purpose of SEO know what Google says in the results from the mobile. If you are "mobile friendly", he will tell a label, as explained here .

Code / SEO Developer

Web Developer Toolbar

SEO extension for developers
SEO extension for developers
This extension of Google Chrome or Firefox is much more complete technical level which would require the average SEO, but that is exactly what makes it so powerful.
While watching the options you might think that not many would use in normal tasks of SEO, we are gradually giving us realize how important they are its features for a good technical optimization and to see details not normally see.
I raise issues relevant to the SEO:
  • Disable CSS or Javascript (see hidden content)
  • Alt View images
  • View Anchors
  • View Title attributes
  • See the goals
  • View link

Tools Google Chrome or Firefox

Inspect Element Chrome
Inspect Element Chrome
It sounds obvious, but just having the "Inspect Element" Inspector Chrome or Firefox, we can take a look at how are the titles, descriptions and goals of a page, to give an example. And also see if the page has an error when loading or things that could be imperceptible normally.

/ Keywords Keyword research

Google AdWords Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner
Google Keyword Planner
It may be obvious for some, but can not miss here planner Google AdWords keywords.
If it is assumed that it is intended to plan a campaign of SEM, it gives us very important information to get keyword term related to our goal.
So, we can also get monthly search volume and competition for the keyword for SEM. Not to say that something special expertise in SEM it is also in SEO but it can be an interesting reference.

Keyword IO keyword analysis
Keyword IO keyword analysis
It promotes itself as a free alternative to Google AdWords Keyword Planner.
Considering that it is necessary to set up an account to use the AdWords Keyword Planner Google, this is a more direct and user-friendly alternative.
Furthermore, having unrelated to Google, also works for results and Bing Apps Store.

keyword Eye

Keyword Eye Keyword Analysis
Keyword Eye Keyword Analysis
It's a good way to start an analysis of keywords, but since the free version is somewhat limited, we can not do a lot of searches.
Works with data from SEM Rush and you can choose the goal of Google country has Suggestion Tool Google, YouTube and Amazon.


Majestic SEO

Majestic SEO backlinks
Majestic SEO backlinks
This could be the most recommendable of these SEO tools for its simplicity and for being very comprehensive in its free version. It is limited without being logged in, but once you register for free you can use it a lot more.
It allows you to see the amount of inbound links and strength, the more dense is your map ofcitation flow and trust flow  and the larger scope have, the better the site analyzed.

Open Site Explorer

Link Analysis of Moz
Link Analysis of Moz
Giant Tool SEO Moz , is a great choice for analyzing backlinks among other things. Of course, it is only free for basic use, as for recurrent use will require registration to the trial.

backlink Watch

Analysis of backlinks
Analysis of backlinks
Visually it is a gruesome Web site, but it gives the information we need in an acceptable time. There is little beyond but it has the great advantage of being really free and to analyze the site completely and correctly. It is a valuable resource, nothing more.

More toolbars or extensions

These two giants of SEO usually have very powerful tools payments, leaving normally used free of charge with many limitations. Use your toolbars both Chrome and Firefox, not only allow you to have the information in the search results and directly in the pages that we want to consult, but also have fewer limitations normally using the free version of their tools.

other essential

So obvious that neither we have to give details about them.

Google Webmaster Tools and Bing Webmaster Tools

Google Analytics

What do you think of this list of free SEO tools? Are you disagree with any? You missing a tool? Leave a comment.

Final Words

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