Blocking calls on iPhone


Blocking calls on iPhone

Block Call from iphone

There a phone number that continues to bother you and you want to block your calls? If you have an iPhone, you can do it without installing any additional applications. Thanks to the inclusion of the blocked lists, a feature that debuted a few years ago with iOS 7, doing so is extremely simple.

The phone spam is on the agenda. Simply we want to be quiet at home to receive unsolicited sales calls and, in general, are usually repeated insistently.
But to prevent this, remove the volume Mobile is not the only option. In fact, any iPhone can block calls the contact you want to avoid quickly and efficiently.

To do this, simply enter your call list and you will see that the far right of each number is an icon of information (in the form of "i").
If you click it, you'll see every detail about a call. Scroll to the bottom of the screen is where the option for " Block this contact " and we will be asked to activate double confirmation to prevent accidental crashes.

After confirming that want to block this contact, we will not receive phone calls that number , as well as text messages or calls FaceTime. Rather than contact us, our numbers would appear to malicious caller or off or out of range. In this way, you will not know that we have blocked (although we try to locate a different number and verify that the terminal does give signal, you may even notice).

Manage blocked contacts list in iOS

If you would like to reinstate a number or contact from the list of allowed and desbloquarlo calls, simply enter the settings menu to find the option IOS and Telephone . There you see the field of " Blocked " where have the option of editing the entire list to undo the lock on a particular issue.
As you can see, if it bothers you a phone number it is because you want ...

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