Call for free on Internet


Call for free on Internet

The monthly cell phone bills are sometimes very expensive . Thanks to the services offered by Internet , we can make phone calls at low cost and even free .
There are many programs on the Internet that we provide free calls over the Internet . Call someone else to your computer , not your phone , which will use a computer, a microphone, a headset and a webcam, if you want to look. Install the software, we checked in, create an account and already can use this service whenever we want .

We add people we want as "contact" and we keep our address book or calendar. Have the option to call numbers from classic phone , but for that we pay, because they are "paid services". With this loan we will call phone numbers worldwide but local rate . 

If they use the same software that we will not cost us any as we will be calling your computer , not your phone. It is a program easy to use and we can also use the"conference mode" or keyboard to chat . Also we know when we used this service since calls are recorded .

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