Change the CD for SSD


Revive your laptop: Change the CD for SSD

cd to SSD adapter
You can give new life to your laptop, and even better performance, with this trick we're going to talk about today, and without spending an exorbitant amount of money.
And, one of the problems that the technology advances so fast, we can not buy devices that will last 10 years, because the two and a half already be outdated. And we do not talk about that with the new laptops have improved over previous notebooks features, but it has even been completely changed the paradigm in some respects. This applies, for example, the CD and DVD, a must for years, which today has become one of the most expendable components of a computer, for several reasons. On the one hand, it occupies a large space, which makes the notebook heavier, which increases the size and the space there can not be distributed equally to the portable components, which in turn negatively affects the cooling team. In addition the portable moving and receive blows, and the disk drive have different moving parts, which are likely to weaken over time. 

That is why readers CD or DVD are usually the first component to be damaged of the computer.
To all this must be added the fact that SSD drives have gained a lot of popularity. Although more expensive than hard drives, just stand by not having mobile units, or be magnetic. SSD Memories are not going to spoil if we bring a magnet, something that does happen with hard drives, and is much harder to spoilage if the computer is hit. But more importantly, these SSDs are much faster than hard drives, and greatly improves the performance of your computer. So many users replaced the hard drive with a SSD.
However, if we combine the above two things, we can get to relive our laptop. What? Very simple, removing the CD or DVD, and replacing it with an SSD.
Alternative: If your computer does not have a CD or DVD, and there is no suitable replacement for this reader for an SSD, but want to take advantage of this memory, you can always replace the hard drive with the SSD, and use the hard drive as an external memory.

STEP 1. Purchase a memory SSD

The first thing to do is buy a SSD memory. Ideally, choose a memory having the same capacity hard drive, then remember that this is to replace your hard drive. However, that does not mean you have to store everything. First we can erase everything from the hard disk dispensable, and then to refer what we really need in memory. Consider that an SSD is more expensive than a hard drive. Although find more expensive and cheaper units, we can make a idea that we can today buy 120 GB SSD for about 60 euros, and 250 GB for just over 100 euros.

STEP 2. Buy adapter CD or DVD to memory

Here you can get as complicated. We'll have to remove the CD or DVD, and put the SSD memory with an adapter to fit in the space of the CD or DVD. For each computer it is different. We'll have to search the Internet if available for your computer one of these adapters. And the price will also vary. For example, if you have a MacBook Pro of the ancients, with CD or DVD, you can buy an adapter for memory, a housing to outsource the CD and DVD, and all the necessary tools, for 40 euros. There are even more compatible with other brands such as Sony or HP cheap. However, if we look for one that is specific to your computer, or that has quality construction, better yet, if we have to spend a little more.
cd to SSD adapter

STEP 3. Remove the CD or DVD

Now it is necessary to remove the CD or DVD. Although it may seem complicated, it is really simple. Being a laptop, chances are that simply has a screw that can be accessed on the bottom of the notebook. In any case, if there is a new notebook in which it is almost impossible to access the CD or DVD, you probably can find information, and even videos, how to remove the CD or DVD in if your laptop.

STEP 4. Install the adapter and memory SSD

We'll have to install the SSD memory on the adapter itself, something that will be really easy, and so we have a unit that size should be equal to the unit of CD or DVD. It should not be too complicated to install. We must ensure that the computer is off and not receiving power. then install the adapter to the SSD, we make sure it is properly installed, and start the computer.

Step 5. Copy the data from one drive to another

To take advantage of the SSD, it is logical that this is the primary unit of computer memory, and hard drive is the secondary drive. To copy all data from one memory to another we can use various programs. If you use Windows, a good program to copy all data from the hard drive to the SSD memory is Aomei Backupper.

Step 6. Select the computer to boot from SSD memory

It is time to completely replace the hard disk by SSD memory. To do this, just we have to access the BIOS, and then choose Boot option, or anyone who has to do with the system boot, and choose the SSD as the first, so that the computer provided it is turned, makes use of the SSD to start the operating system and other.

STEP 7. Remove the hard drive

If possible, remove the hard drive, and try to start the computer. If you do this, and the computer starts and works perfectly, you've done everything correctly, and you no longer need the information on the hard disk.

STEP 8. Format the hard drive

For the hard disk information it is already on the SSD, and can erase everything on your hard disk, and use it to store files. Ideally you format the hard drive, and not just to delete files. If there are files you want to save, it is advisable to transfer them to an external drive, format the hard drive and then transfer them back to the hard disk.