Choosing the right console


Choosing the right console

Either for little kids or older, consoles have a fixed place in many homes. Today we have several options when choosing a console. 
When we go to buy us decantaremos for one that best meets our needs in terms of price or our level of expertise.  In the market there are two main types of game consoles. On the one hand, those consoles that need to be plugged into the television. On the other hand, there are handheld battery operated battery. In this articles we will focus on the first type, that is, those that are in our living room next to the TV. 
The consoles are three major companies, each with specific characteristics that make us decant for one or another.

For the entire family

The first console is intended for the whole family. It has a system of wireless controllers , low price and an original game system. It also incorporates Internet, has thematic channels - such as the time - and you can send pictures or characters to play. To the contrary, lower quality graphics to the rest of the market. 

High Definition

This console has a Blu-Ray system, a system of video playback high warm, and is compatible with the handheld console of the same brand. To get the maximum performance should also have an HDTV. 

without controls

Although initially this second console was intended for an adult audience, with the addition of a new accessory allows play without charge. It also has a wide variety of games , excellent online gaming system - to compete with other players - and download system fast and varied. You can rent movies, download free games or demos of upcoming releases. 

Final Words

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