Clean your computer keyboard


How to clean your computer keyboard

Learn how to clean your computer keyboard using a spray air. A specific solution that removes dust and dirt between the keys.
The keyboard of your computer can accumulate dust , hairs and even crumbs. In thiscleaning tip we show how to clean an air spray .
One way to clean the inside of the keys is removing the keyboard with a screwdriver.However, this task can be quite complicated, especially if you do not have many skills.There is a simpler alternative, using an air spray.
The first thing to do before you clean the keyboard is to turn off the computer as if you were on could damage the connection and therefore the keyboard or computer. Also we avoid possible shocks.
Then sprinkle with a spray air holes between the keys and we will be removing any dust and dirt to eliminate them completely.
This spray you can find in bookstores  and stationery shops. This spray is specific for keyboards, so there is no danger of being damaged.
After cleaning the interior and debris expelled we spend a dry cloth over the surface. It is important not to use water or abrasive cleaners as we run the risk of damaging the internal circuits.
We hope these tips have helped you to  clean your computer .

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