Surely we have ever heard the term "component system", rather than as it is said by those who know in depth information can reach find it a novice in this field an incomprehensible and complex concept, but the fact is that it is a key issue to be found in any computer.
The so-called "component system" is basically a utility that performs a particular process, which is part of the operating system on a PC, and its function is to help manage the different areas that make up the computer. This is an element software team with which we as users do not have direct interaction.

Within the operating system of a PC coexist various system components, because each one performs an action and a specific function, and then all together enable the operating system and the PC can function smoothly.
One component of the system is one that is responsible for process management, ie manages the processes that are carried out by the operating system, and as a result it is possible that these processes are kept in order, working properly and using memory that is assigned to each of them. Also, this component system closes these processes when they are not needed in the use of the PC.
Operating system components
Moreover, the processes of our PC RAM are also managed by a system component designed for it. Among other things, this component of the system manages and organizes memory blocks that are in use by programs that are running. This makes it possible to store data temporarily in RAM for running programs and the system operational, to provide quick access to such software.
Another component of the system is one that manages the processes related to files, ie all processes that are present for creating, editing, storage and other from a file. This component also manages everything about folders and directories.
Operating system components
On the other hand, it is the secondary component of the system responsible for managing everything related to storage devices, as well as the internal hard disk of the PC as well as external drives such as USB flash drives, memory cards, external drives and other . In these units, the component manages the available space and allocated space for new files that are stored in the storage device.
Then we find the component of the charge system access management, ie that manages all processes related to access to computer data, each time you access a program, file or functionality within an operating system. also, among other things, controls the installation of new applications.
Operating system components
Finally we find the component responsible for managing system resources of the system, including processes performed by memory and CPU, so the management of these resources determines the amount of memory and CPU time that you can use each program at a specific time. This component is one of the most important, since it has a direct connection with the performance that the team can achieve.