Disable Explorer Quick access


Disable Explorer Quick access hidden files and recently opened documents

Browser access
As you know, in recent versions of Windows, when you use the browser and browse your folders in the sidebar menu Quick access to the latest files shown. If you do not use or just annoying you, you can hide it so as not to display content back inside.
To remove the Quick Access File Browser , so that disappears your list of recent files and it is not possible to know which documents you opened or modified in your previous session, there is an easy way to do it.
Just click with the right mouse button on the field of " fast access " (on the left sidebar file browser) and click on " Options ".
At that time, a window that lets you configure the behavior of rapid access appears. In the section on Privacy , you must uncheck the two fields that appear activated, " Show recently used files in the Quick Access " and " Show frequently used folders in the Quick Access ". Thus, you will achieve completely disable anything that appear in this menu.

Clears the list of recent files

On the other hand, if you just want to clear the history of the latest that you're signed files (but not permanently off), just press the button " Delete " next to the " Clear History File Explorer " . Apply the changes, accept and ready, as simple as that.
However, you may still continue to see rapid access content within the file browser, and that is because there are still folders anchored to this menu. If so and you still receive content, displays the Quick access and click the right mouse button on each of the elements you see. There you will have to dial the "option Unpin rapid access " to remove them one by one.

Unfortunately, this panel will not disappear entirely Explorer for Windows files, but at least it will have achieved a return to show nothing inside.