Disables Sound Notifications In Windows 10


Disables all sound notifications in Windows 10

It is more common than we would like: we are listening to music on our PC quietly but the system riddled us sound notifications at the wrong time. Fortunately, you can easily disable them so that nothing interrupts your experience.

In Windows 10 it has built-in notification system very practical, that appears directly on the desktop and is inspired by what is usual when using smartphones and tablets. So, if for example someone interacts with us in a social network, we will see an instant pop-up window that warns us of any updates without having to do anything. The downside is that they are accompanied by sound, if we receive many ads at any given time may turn out to be very annoying.
To disable sound notifications in Windows 10 , all you have to do is enter the Control Panel : Just search for "control panel" in the Windows search box and you will access it directly (or failing that, make right-click the Windows logo and comes from there to the control panel).

Change system sounds in the control panel

Then enter the section Hardware and Sound submenu and find the Change system sounds (within the menu Sound ).
Then, a window in the open field appears sound combination . Here you must select the " soundless " instead of the one that was in default of Windows.
Click on Apply and then on OK and ready. No sound will bother you unless you re-enable them, for which you must repeat this process to leave everything as it was.
On the other hand, if you prefer, you can also turn off only some of these sounds , not to take such a drastic step. Browse through the available options and disable only those that do not want to hear more (eg, notifications of instant messages or e-mail on the desktop).
And now, enjoy your favorite music without interruption!

Final Words

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